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      Went through a whole mess with my insurance and my psychiatrist trying to get Concerta approved, as opposed to Ritalin LA.
      They told me Ritalin LA would be exactly the same. It wasn’t.
      After months of not having working meds, the Concerta finally got approved, and I was so happy.
      The pharmacist said it was a different manufacturer, but that it was the exact same drug.

      Went through a few days of this new Concerta not working, and wondering if my psychiatrist was right about the drug being exactly the same, wondering if he was right about the differences being “all in [my] head”, and if the issue was that I had just developed a tolerance for it.

      Found out that, yet again, the medicine they gave me was NOT the same thing. Turns out the only proper generic that works for me is the oblong pill that says “Alza” on it. I was given the small circular pill.

      The pharmacist insisted it was the same thing, and said that they can’t control what manufacturer sends them Concerta. I have no clue what to do or how to get the medicine I need, especially since my psychiatrist refuses to believe me. I can’t stop crying.

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      I just started on generic Concerta switched from Ritalin. In my research I found both drugs are the same with one exception,,the Ritalin was immediate release and Concerta is extended release.

      I know what you are going through though. I had the same issue with Adderall, there IS a difference between manufacturers. Teva was the only Adderall that worked for me. But as you found out no one believes you and they say it is in your head. I was ok, so it is in my head so give me what I think I need then so that I can function ..please.

      I know I am not providing any answers just trying to be supportive and remind you that you are not alone.

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        You might have developed a tolerance with the drug, I just hope your doctor was able to explain it to you better in a more understanding way.

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        Thank you <3 I’m sorry you’ve been through that too, it’s so frustrating, and you’d think psychiatrists of all people would know why different brands may work differently for different people (and sometimes even cause allergic reactions because of the different materials it’s being made with), I hope we both find good psychiatrists soon. I hope the Concerta works well for you!

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      The generic Concerta is definitely not the same as Concerta! I was given it and not told. I started having severe agitation. I stopped taking it and it all went away. I got brand concerta and was just fine except that it cost me $242!! that is when i ended up changing to Vyvanse!

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      After trying a couple others I was on Vyvanse and thought it magic. But of course someone could not have that…my insurance changed what they would cover. At first my co-pay for Vyvanse was a little under $300 I got on a local program and paid $100. Insurance gave my doctor a list of alternatives. First was Adderall, then Ritalin and now Concerta. I am hoping Vyvanse will become affordable at some point.

      Strange that Vyvanse was more affordable option for you. Such a shame people cannot afford the drugs that could help them become a more productive person. I know I am lucky because I have insurance.

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      Penny Williams

      The generic Concertas absolutely are not the same — even the FDA has acknowledged that. If you have any small pharmacies near you, ask if they will stock the Alza for you. Nationwide chains won’t do it, but small pharmacies will.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Is there any way that you can get a psych who specializes in ADHD? Adult ADHD, if possible. That doctor will know that each drug is different and each person can have a unique response to each med. I know from personal experience that Concerta and the generic I am now on, Medikinet (in the UK), are quite different. Please do not give up. A better doctor will be able to help you through this.

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      I have the exact same issue with my concerta. Patriot makes the alza pills, and Mallinckrodt doesn’t. I recently had a refill and didn’t notice my medication working at all. It was the Mallinckrodt manufacturer. There isn’t much you can do but try and figure out when your pharmacy stocks the specific manufacturer. My pharmacy usually seems to supply the manufacturer I like near the end of the month. If you are close with your pharmacist you could ask them to notify you when the manufacturer that makes the alza pills is stocked. But believe me as someone who has been on Concerta for many years it is NOT in your head. If your pharmacy doesn’t stock concerta from different manufacturers, I’d suggest switching pharmacies, especially if you have found a medication that works for you.
      I wish you the best of luck. It is not all in your head.

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      Aaron Lewis

      Make sure if you are taking generic Concerta, you are getting the Patriot Pharmaceuticals generic. Your pharmacy can order it for you if they don’t have it. I just had to have that happen. I’m happy to be back on the Patriot Pharmaceuticals generic.

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