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      hi everyone,
      it will sound strange but here is my problem: Concerta in my country is not supported by public insurances, so i could not continue to get it, but i had the chance to take some from friend who decided not to take his prescription. i was at 54 mg. I was such a mess and didnt see that it was only 36mg, it was not very efficient, but i didnt mind and thought that if 54mg was not efficient then i could do nothing…and all this time i was only taking 36! But i remember that when i was on 54 mg it was not so efficient either, so is it a good idea to try 72 mg? thank you 🙂

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      Penny Williams

      You should never take medication that wasn’t prescribe to you. That’s extremely dangerous and illegal. You can your friend could both be subject to criminal charges. You should only take this medication and adjust dosages of this medication under a doctor’s supervision.

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      i know this and i have a prescription. My doctor knows my issue but since it is difficult and long to get an appointment, i wanted to ask if it was worth to ask my doctor about a raise in doses or not.

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