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      This is a great site! and I’ve learned so much. So much now I’m questioning my son’s medication…
      I just looked at my son’s medication and realized that the pharmacy is filling a script that my pediatrician called in for “concerta”, they are filling it with the Mallinckrodt form of methylphenidate. I just stopped at the pharmacy this morning, and they said it was state law that they fill the prescription with a “generic” form of concerta unless specified by the doctor to fill with “brand name only”. So I called my doctor’s office and they are giving him the message. He already told me once he wasn’t aware of any difference between concerta and the generic form. But this article from the FDA says otherwise:

      I guess my point is I’m trying to find the best fit for my child, the meds now are barely lasting 8 hours. so we are trying a different dosage. if this med has a different “delivery system and time release” then concerta, how do I know if concerta wouldn’t work better?

      any help or advice on generic concerta versus name brand would be awesome and helpful! I’m making an issue of it, and maybe we should just get referred to a ADHD specialist in our area. But if my child is supposed to get concerta, and its better, thats is what he is going to get.

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      Penny Williams

      While the Mallinckrodt generic and a couple others lost their generic equivalency status, they weren’t pulled from the market. The chains should not be using them but they are.

      There is a true generic equivalent for Concerta, made by the brand company. It’s sold under Actavis. Walgreens uses this as their generic.

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      I noticed that this new generic medication was not only ineffective but considerably increased side effects when my daughter started to take it. I learned that that the delivery system is faster and also that the composition is not the same. My daughter and the entire family suffered greatly before we were able to find out what was causing her changes in health and behavior. Her grades dropped at school and constantly complained about headaches and stomach aches. It also affected our relationship with her because our interactions were more more focused on her behaviors. When I realized that the medication was doing this, I told my pharmacist about it and his reply was that their distributors do not offer the older version anymore (the older pill read ALZA 27) which was very effective and with minimal side effects. I registered for this site yesterday and learned that this situation is going on all over the country.

      It is a shame that in order to increase their profits, pharmacies around the country are sacrificing the well being of our children in the process.

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      As Penny noted, Walgreens carries the generic equivalent “Actavis” (ALZA 27 – for the 27 mg tablet). I once had Walgreens attempt to fill my son’s prescription with the other brand because they were out of the Actavis brand and I refused the medication and had them order the Actavis brand – which they did.

      I’d try Walgreens. Walgreens also has an online portal which will let you know which brand they are filling with before you even get to the pharmacy so you can call them with any issues before going to the store for pick up.

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      Thank you very much! I switched to Walgreens and they have the Actavis pills in stock.

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