Concerta and Prozac

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    I know someone on here told me that sometimes those two meds aren’t good I decided to take my son off the Prozac and see if that helps with his anger and what I think might be ODD..Anyone have any comments on those two meds together??? Thanks

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    It sounds like a combination that may throw you into the realms of seratonin syndrome. Not a good place to be! I would definitely double check that combo with another physician. I have had some sketchy MDs over prescribe medicine that caused it. One rabbit hole ya don’t wanna fall into!

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    It’s actually the amphetamine-type stimulants that have a negative interaction with Prozac (and Paxil). Those are Adderall and Vyvanse, not Concerta.

    ADHD Insights: Prozac, Paxil and Amphetamines

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