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      Apologies if this is a frequently asked question.

      I’ve only recently been diagnosed and so have only been taking Concerta XL here in the UK for about 7 days now 18mg. From tomorrow I’m meant to double the dose to 36mg, before going up again to 56mg in a weeks time.

      Usually, I don’t sleep well at the best of times and I noticed that yesterday I must have woken every 30 mins or so. I thought this was just one of my bad days.

      But currently, it’s almost 2am and I went to sleep about 22:30. I must have woken up at least 10-12 times after some of the weirdest, lucid dreams I have ever experienced. This is the first time I’ve ever been so aware when dreaming (I’m a 36 year old guy).

      Now ordinarily, I barely remember my dreams, but tonight I have been having almost the exact same dream but just tweaked in some way… different people, or different environment. Some of the dreams have woken me up gasping, some laughing hysterically and some I’ve actually been a bit scared of.

      And when I wake up every time I have a headache that wares off after maybe 10 minutes.

      Then the penny dropped. It’s the meds clearly!!

      Does anyone else regularly experience this? Is this it for me now? If I choose to continue taking this medication or another, is it going to be an every night thing? I could handle it if I could continue to sleep through but it’s lot of small dreams.

      Anyway, it’s kinda freaked me out enough to keep myself awake to write this post.

      Please let me know your thoughts/experiences and please tell me this dies down very quickly.



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      Hello Antony, I was on concerta for years when I was a kid, about 11-17 y.o, and I remember having bad dreams. I’m not sure if it was the medication bc I had a very traumatic childhood, but it may have been. I came off of all medication for years, I’m now 30 and I’ve had to make myself get back on medication bc of my disorder, bc I realised I was out of control and knocking at deaths door. I remember I could barely remember my dreams except Every once in a blue moon. But now that I’m on medication again, I’m remembering them, both good and bad. I have more bad dreams then good, although I also take Seroquel to help me sleep and to stop the bad dreams, which isn’t really happening. I have BPD, btw. Which is borderline personality disorder. I was misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder when I was a child and ADHD, which is why I was on concerta. But due to all my conclusive behavior I was rediagnosed in an emergency ward. So definitely talk to you physician about your dreams. Maybe They can help you. Best of luck my friend.

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      Thank you Kenny for the kind response.

      I, too, had a difficult traumatic childhood and I feel like this was perhaps the reason the ADHD was overlooked until now.

      The feelings I am experiencing is not something I’ve ever experienced before and so I’m quite sure it is the medication.

      I hoped that other people would say it’s something that lasts a day or two before dying down?

      I’ve made contact with my GP and psychiatrist and will await their contact. In the meantime I feel in an almost limbo like state. Not completely unwell, but certainly not myself.

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