Concerta and Celexa (Citalopram) or other SSRI's together

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      I feel that Citalopram, which has been a long term friend of mine pre-diagnosis, does not agree with ADHD meds. Has anyone else thought this?

      Maybe the dose needs reducing (citalopram that is), or maybe I’d be better without it. Any comments anyone? Am I imagining it?

      I would say I have had long term depression and anxiety, but not sure how much is co-morbid and how much was ADHD.


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      I started taking Citalopram along with Adderall on the suggestion of a
      Psychologist/Psychiatrist. She told me they worked very well together,
      and I’ve never noticed a single issue from the combo in the 10 years
      I’ve been taking them together.

      In what way does it disagree with you?

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        Hi Dizzy

        I would say it makes me feel a bit sluggish and cloudy as compared to the better feelings of clarity and energy I have felt at times with the concerta. It may just be the ups and downs of the Concerta. That’s the trouble when you are on more than one med. Hard to know whats doing what. Also I have hovered between 20 and 40mg of Citalopram over the last 10 years. Never sure how much I need as it seems to vary with my general mood. I have been on 40mg the last year or so, but maybe thats too much. Hard to know. Thanks for posting.

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      I take citalopram and have for 10 years (30 mg x day). I recently added adderal. I don’t notice an interaction (although there can be an increased risk for serotonin syndrom. doesn’t sound like what you are experiencing.). That said, my psychiatrist has encouraged me to taper off of citalopram because it seems to be less helpful and my anxiety was likely due to untreated adhd.

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