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      Hi, my 15-yr-old daughter is starting Concerta tomorrow, at 16 mg. She had been on Adderall since age 7-8 and was doing well, but stopped taking it because we live in a state where methamphetamine abuse is a huge problem and she’s seen the posters, heard all the ads, and refused to take it any longer. After 3 months with no meds, and many problems, she says she feels hopeful about starting a new med. However, I’m worried about the ritalin connection because an ex-husband had horrible problems with it (we divorced over his out of control behavior), and I have also heard the war stories from my friends’ kids struggling with it. The doctor is awesome, we have a 14-year relationship, but she didn’t mention that hallucinations can be a side effect. I’d google it further, but Dr Google is scary, and I’d rather hear from actual people. Anyone with kids on Concerta that can share your experience? Thanks

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      Penny Williams

      Everyone has a completely different reaction to stimulant medications. My son has a horror story for Adderall, but did well on Concerta for many years. It comes down to genetics, metabolism, and individual neurochemical needs. I would, however, be concerned about the fact that most people do well on one type of ADHD stimulant or the other, but not both. If she did really well on an amphetamine-based stimulant, she may not respond to methylphenidate. Of course, you don’t know until you try.

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