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      Hey friends,

      I will be grateful to anyone who helps me

      I have been diagnosed with ADD since the age of 12 [i’m 30 years old].
      I tried Ritalin, Ritalin LA, and Concerta.
      A year ago I started taking ADDERALL, 20 mg a day, which did not affect me for more than 3-4 hours.
      On the recommendation of another doctor, I distributed a 30 mg pill 3 times a day. Increasing the dose caused me unpleasant side effects – only in the high dose.
      When I heard about VYVANSE, I turned to another doctor, who claimed that it should not be taken 3 times a day ADDERAL [I emphasized that the total amount is 30 mg per day].
      She recommended taking 20 or 30 mg twice a day [it caused me side effects] or trying VYVANSE 30 mg.
      VYVANSE worked well, but unfortunately the drug affects me only 6 hours from the moment of taking [starts working within an hour and sometimes even within two hours].
      I went back to the doctor to ask for 30 mg of VYVANSE, plus a booster of ADDERALL [7.5 mg], because I saw that doctors did prescribe it, she strongly objected and did not agree to listen to me, letting me only to increase the dose to VYVANSE 50 mg .
      I tried VYVANSE 50 mg- and i got the same effect- effect for only 6 hours.

      It is important for me to note that I am before a very large exam, and I only need a booster supplement twice a week.
      The doctor did not even let me tell her that.

      I once took 50 mg of VYVANSE + a booster of ADDERAL- 7.5 mg, after 6 hours from taking the VYVANSE- and it helped me a lot, it really extended my effect to a total of 12 hours.

      I am afraid from a health point of view that I am harming myself, because the doctor did not approve, but on the other hand- I really need it [for a very short period of time], and in addition see that this combination is prescribed to many people.
      I am aware of the maximum doses of amphetamines per day, and after testing – I do not exceed the maximum dose in this method.

      I wated to ask:
      Is this combination of drugs familiar or am I wrong?
      How do I get a doctor to prescribe it for me? I have tried Ritalin, Ritalin LA, Concerta, before – and the side effects were severe + less good effect.
      I am healthy, with no background illnesses, do not take any other medications. Does anyone know if such a dose / combination is a health risk?

      I’m lost and do not know what to do
      I would be very grateful to anyone who would help

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      Hey Amber 90. Is your drug just Vyvanse? Because there IS a Vyvanse XR that is long-lasting, and supposed to last up to 12 hours. I took it for eight to nine years, and I loved it; it lasted me all day and evening too. It seems your dr should think to recommend the XR for you, but if she doesn’t I would definitely ask her to!
      The only reason I’m not still on it is because my psychiatrist retired and I haven’t yet found a new doctor willing to give me the meds I need.. that’s a different story.
      I don’t know about the combo of Vyvanse and Adderall. I can see it may or may not be a good idea in the long run. But, I have to admit that if I were still a student, as you are, I would probably take that combo a time or two before a big exam.

      Listen to Doctor William Dodson’s webinar about ADHD meds. I found it very helpful, but, unfortunately, I’m betting that most doctors will not be near as knowledgeable as he is about ADHD and medicine. Still, he may address your concerns about Adderall and Vyvanse, or any two stimulant combos. I don’t remember, but it’s such a great webinar, I am going to listen to it again soon.
      Good Luck!

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      Dr. Eric

      I have been seeing students with ADHD since 1997.
      I have never seen one prescribed this combo.
      I am extremely confident that I would remember if I did, because it would stand out as not being the norm of anything that I have seen before.

      Did you combine these two on your own from the prescriptions of two different doctors?

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      Hi there amber90

      I tried to connect with constructive reply and this blocked me

      I am new too

      So far it’s rude adhd censorship twitter

      Good Luck

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        Penny Williams

        Your account is not blocked. Sometimes posts are flagged for review.

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      Do you drink Orange Juice or other sources of vitamin C.
      If so they could be speeding up the metabolism of the Adderall

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