Colored Walls

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      Hello everyone.

      My therapist had me write a poem and asked me to share it here. I’m 21 years old and she believes I have suffered from ADHD my whole life. I’m looking forward to learning more about ADHD and getting the treatment I need.

      I wrote this poem as my present self speaking to my younger self. I’ve had a lot of events happen to me throughout my life that have followed me to this day. I connected the poem to the events through the colors of the walls when they happened, whether it was a specific event or feeling.

      “Colored Walls”

      The purple walls enclosed you
      With long nights full of tears,
      And a fake doctor who hurt you
      But you are stronger than your fears.

      I know the walls turned yellow
      And all the negative things filled your head,
      Because that’s what you were told,
      But you can’t believe what she said.

      Things were okay, until the walls turned blue
      And your skin felt dirty, right?
      I know it was dark and hard to understand,
      But I promise that there is a light.

      The walls are white now
      And it’s easy to see,
      That those colored walls,
      Were not for you and me.

      For the white walls have shown me
      A pure love, gentle and kind
      You’re safe here now,
      It’s time to leave it all behind.

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