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      My child is 16 years old and 4 years ago was diagnosed with ADD, GAD (anxiety disorder) and experiences intermittent depressive states. She has a very hard time going to sleep on time and is a ‘night owl’. She struggles with executive functioning and has support in her school for extended testing time, assignment submissions. She does not do well learning material in school and relies on online and video recordings of subject matter + parental tutoring to fill gaps where possible and help with planning/organizing. There is almost a parallel school at home where she attempts to catch up. She has been on a 504 plan for last 6 months and a school-based plan for 1.5 years prior. With this support she performs reasonably well, though far from her potential (not a biased parent speaking). Current support systems help her tremendously with her self-esteem and confidence, which in turn helps manage her anxiety and depression.
      We had filed for college board accommodations (extended time) based on psychology assessment, a neurologist note (a short note about her medical condition ) and the school 504 plan but the request was denied since documentation does not show need for extended time for college based testing. The denial indicates that despite the diagnosis the child has a history of As and documents do not show how her functional impairment limits performance with college board testing. Junior year testing is a crucial time and she believes that she can improve her score/performance with extended time. We are going to request teacher survey responses to provide such evidence. Is there any guidance on how to prove this to College Board ? Is there samples of letters that the doctors can provide that would show this – her doctor would like more specific guidance.
      Thank you.

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      Dr. Eric

      If I was in your position, I would talk to your school counselor (or the best counselor at the school) to see if there is an appeal process… (Such as an explanation that grades are a result of heavy use of the accommodations, etc.)…

      I would also research to see if you are better off dealing with an other test, like the ACT…

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