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      I only just remembered after reading another post, when I was school age (don’t remember when I stopped) I chewed on my shirt collar, we didn’t have uniforms per se, but we were required to wear button down shirts with collars.
      I looked up the possible causes, some say it’s sensory integration disorder, others say it’s anxiety.
      I’m not sure which was mine, could be both, pretty sure I have S.I.D. but being the only ginger in my school (at that time) I was bullied constantly by my classmates, and some teachers also, so I had plenty of anxiety also.
      I did stop sort of, thinking about it I realised that I semi unconsciously been biting the inside of my lip near the corners of my mouth.
      I don’t bite so hard that it causes damage or bleeds, it’s just enough to hold it.
      Anyone else do something similar? And would a bespoke fidget toy help elevate my lip biting? Also can anyone recommend a quiet fidget, my co-workers get annoyed when I get ahold of a clicky pen (I’ve actually worn out a few low quality pens)

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      Hey again, Ranma.

      I don’t know if I had anxiety or anything else when I was that young (apart from ADHD, obviously), but I spent a lot of time chewing the inside of my mouth. I still do it from time to time. Never enough to damage, but always enough to hurt a little.

      There’s a chance that a fidget toy of some kind could help you with that. I’d maybe tentatively recommend a fidget cube, or a fidget pen. Several of them are designed to be noiseless.

      Hope this helps πŸ™‚

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      Hi Ranma,

      I’ve got a fidget cube. I also have one of those blocks that you can fold over and over again, they’re rectangular and then you can fold them into blocks, like this one:

      Infinity Fidget Cube

      I’ve got squishy things too. I love playing with playdoh.

      I didn’t have a biting habit, but I have a cuticle picking habit that’s pretty bad.. I do it until it’s sore and bleeding. I also bounce my leg a lot, shift in my seat a lot, start playing with whatever is in my vicinity. I find that when I have these fidget toys, I am less likely to start finding stuff to pick/destroy and I stop moving around so much. It may help you take the focus off of the biting thing for you.

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        I never considered cuticle picking in the context of ADHD. This explains a lot to me, thanks! πŸ™‚

        To the OP: Would chewing gum work? This helps me make it through meetings.


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      Hi Ranma

      As jlb83 mentioned, Play Doh is great. It’s fun, tactile, colourful, malleable, cheap, and, importantly, it’s quiet.
      When I don’t have Play Doh handy, I use Sticky Tack.

      Hope it helps

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      My daughter has a spinner ring I got from Amazon. It’s been great. There are feminine and masculine designs.

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      Hi Ranma,

      I’m a special education teacher with ADHD. I have found that chewers are chewers tend to stay chewers and/or in need of some oral stimulation.

      Hand fidgets are fine: there are special putties for sensory integration. Look for things on websites for Occupational Therapy as well as ADHD. Also, stress balls can be helpful and silent. You can get them at the same places or at the dollar store in the toy aisle. Fidget spinners are distracting to others and obnoxious.

      I, too, will tend to chew on the inside of my cheek – which is not really a healthful idea. Instead try sugarless gum, candies or lozenges. That hits the oral fix without side effects unless you have TMJ. I also drink coffee with a straw and water from a sports bottle that has a cap that you suck the water through.

      You may need to pick and choose when it is appropriate to use your figdets. With physical ones, if you can keep it under the table and not be obvious most other people don’t mind. With oral ones, just be quiet and keep your mouth closed.

      I hope this helps,

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      A worry stone helps me!

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      I got an adorable spinner ring from Dharma Shop online. It has a mantra written around it, so while you fidget it sends out good vibes as an additional bonus. It just looks like a regular cool ring. Also, I always keep a small egg of Silly Putty in my purse and at home I use a larger container of Thinking Putty.

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      Several of the suggestions are great! Chewing on something else (gum, jerky, fruit leather, peachie Os, popcorn, etc), I also like mints – especially Altoids. The flavor blast helps me focus. The problem with food, is that the calories add up. Blowing bubbles with gum is a great one for oral input, but you have to pay attention to where you’re at, as it might be inappropriate at times. The drinking from a straw is great too, especially if the liquid is thicker. Sometimes even applesauce thru a straw, it gives lots of input and is a great snack. Sometimes doing oral motor exercises can be calming.

      Other hand fidgets, I do love the spinner rings (I wear them on my thumbs). Another office favorite, is a simple jumbo paperclip. I flex it back and forth between my fingers and is not distracting as it does not make any noise. I’ve also used other types of clips including the butterfly clips and binder clips. And there’s always a stress ball, or Koosh, or squishy. Other items I’ve used: flat smooth stone, large button, cotton pompom, pipecleaner, wikki sticks, glass stones/beads, wooden beads. I’ve also made some calming water bottles filled with water, artificial snow (or diaper fluff) along with glitter, confetti, sequins, oils, water balls, metallic streamers. I’ve also put the same ingredients into food saver bags for a portable fidget. Sometimes, I use a weighted item in my lap while sitting, while other times, I work standing. Changing position sometimes helps.

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      I personally love putty for this. I have a bunch of crazy aaron’s thinking putty, both for home and work:

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        Ha! I just replied to the post with the same thing. I didn’t see your post. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is like a life-saver for me. πŸ™‚

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      Wow lots of great suggestions, I’ll have to look into the putty because it made me remember, I was always squishing and kneading my kneadable eraser in mechanical drawing in high school and art class in college.
      As for gum, candies, lozenges and mints, I used to always have them handy, but I’ve developed an allergie to anything that contains ingredients made from corn, it also makes everyday meals a challenge, meaning no fast food, if I stop at a restaurant I have to interrogate them on what ingredients they use, So I haven’t found any candies at my local store yet, I might have to make my own, it really sucks because now if I go anywhere, I have to keep some safe food or snacks in my purse, just in case I’m too far from home or can’t find a store with a decent selection of health foods (even those I have to read the ingredients thoroughly)
      My store started carrying a different brand of orange juice, so now I have a supply of cheap fidgets that I used to get till some of the plastic jug manufacturers changed the lock/tamper seals.
      I turn them inside out put it over my first three fingers then hook my thumbnail in the teeth and work it similar to a rosary.

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      Look up Mobii fidget on Etsy! They are amazing

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      I’m a teenager and I fidget too. I used to do it a lot more. I was pretty terrible. Always tapping my foot (which still happens from time-to-time) or just tapping the top of the desk with my fingernails. Now, I do the pen thing and I have to consciously make myself stop when I realize what I’m doing and that people are probably getting irritated. I’ve found that a fidget spinner doesn’t work for me. I just get too distracted with it. So, I use this thing called “Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty”. I found it at Target and it’s perfect for me. It’s nothing like play dough. It has a sort of taffy feel to it but it’s easy for me to fidget with it and not be super distracted by it. Anyway, hope that helps. πŸ™‚

      – Maddie

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      Hey all!! I have an issue of picking at my face due to my adult acne, though I’ve had this bad habit ever since middle school. I had tried the fidget cube, but for some reason it did NOT work. So I went back to Amazon and checked out Etsy (❀️) and found this great, SILENT, fidget toy that used my whole hand so that I can use it while driving or in grad class. Check out Tom’s Fidgets, Flippy Chain Fidget Toy on Amazon. It’s only about $8 and it’s small enough to hide in your hand! I had to buy a second one lol one for the car and the other for my purse ☺️

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      I had a blouse with a sewn in extended collar to tie into a bow. Perfect for chewing. By the time I had to get rid of it I had chewed the tie parts from floral blue to bleach white. Not sure if it was due to ADD, boredom, or anxiety. After the blouse went away, I started on my inside cheeks. I don’t remember if I ever caused bleeding, but I stopped: one night I had a dream that I chewed a hole through my cheek. But the cause of the behavior never got addressed (unless you count spanking), so I went on to develop trichotillomania. (Ha! Spelled it right on the 1st try!) One weekend the ‘rents left me alone…and I pulled out four square inches of hair from just above my forehead. [Oh, that’s a different website. Sorry.]

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