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      Hello. I’m a 43 year old wife and mother with adult ADD (the inattentive kind). I’ve always felt that the way they make us jump through hoops to get our prescriptions is very unfair, because, by definition, our affliction causes us to have great difficulty with anything involving jumping through hoops. I completely understand that they need to be wary of people abusing ADHD medications, but why can’t there be some kind of easing off for long term patients who have shown ZERO signs of abusing their medication in as many years as they’ve been taking it.

      My own clinic has recently begun making it even harder to get my meds! As of a few months ago, they have to SNAIL MAIL the written prescription to the pharmacy. We have to call the clinic to request a refill, when the doc gets time they write the prescription and put it in the mail, a couple days later the pharmacy gets it and fills it. BUT sometimes, the doc doesn’t get to writing those prescriptions until the next day. And sometimes she writes them AFTER the mail has gone out for the day. And sometimes that’s a Friday! And sometimes, the pharmacy is really busy and doesn’t check the mail until late afternoon, not to mention, they have said that they always consider the snail mail prescriptions their last priority.

      I often wait an entire week for my meds. I often run out of my can’t-function-without-them living-sustaining meds before the refill is ready. This policy requires me to complete every single task that ADD makes difficult to carry out. This is literally an ADD worst nightmare and I honestly feel like my rights are being violated. It goes beyond any laws of compliance and is totally unnecessary. I have complained to my doc, but she has no control over it; it’s a clinic policy.

      How do I complain about this? Who do I talk to? There must be something I can do.

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      Hi Schwartzana
      I’m not sure what country you are in or how your health system works but from someone working in a clinic in Australia you really should go in and see the doctor face to face to get your prescription. They can then hand it to you for you to take to the pharmacy
      This has advantage that you both can discuss any issues side effects problems, update on progress etc, you are in control of when you get the script AND the doctor is not expected to do unpaid work without even reviewing the patient yet taking all responsibility if there is a problem.
      Perhaps you could make your next app each time getting your script and putting a reminder on your phone?
      Best of luck

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        I am in the USA and the insurance I have doesn’t cover much. I pay out-of-pocket for every single doctor visit (approximately $250) so, unfortunately, seeing my doctor once a month forever just isn’t practical, not to mention unnecessary because I don’t need my meds changed very often.

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      i totally understand what you’re talking about, its so bad this is why I didn’t treat my adhd for most of my life and have failed a lot in the things i wanted to succeed in. Not to mention I have a high tolerance naturally for a lot of stuff and doctors dont seem to get that. Its at the point now where I occasionally consider getting my meds illegally. But Im also too scared to do that, so I’m just kind of screwed. My doctor switched me from 30mg of Adderall to 30mg of Ritalin, which if you know is a lot weaker and she doesn’t seem to care much that it’s not really helping. I’m probably going to lose my job soon because I’m late ALL the time no matter how hard I seem to try 🙁

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      Wow the American Health system is crazy. $250 just to get a script! In Australia we can bulkbill (meaning patient doesn’t pay, Medicare does) and even if there is a copayment it’s about $50 tops. So many people must be hindered by this situation you have! I’ve heard of diabetics in America dying because they cannot access insulin. This is criminal! And your case too must be terrible I’m so sorry
      I even have a patient who spends half his time in America but still has all healthcare here. Once he sat on a broken hand for 3 weeks because didn’t want to seek care in America too $$$
      You guys need to get rid of Trump and republicans! Wasn’t Obamacare trying to address this. I don’t know much about American politics but do feel for you

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      Trying to fit in

      I have a similar problem. I can’t find a mental health Dr near me so I have to drive 2 hours each way to another state. I can’t fill the prescription in the state I live in since it was written in another state so I drive 1 hour each way to a pharmacy at the state line. I will call ahead to the pharmacy before I go but when I get there they never have it. I end up making 2 sometimes 3 trips there a month. I run out every month and have a hard time without my medication. I’ve started skipping a dosage occasionally to save up for when my prescription runs out. I’m 61. Have never had a drug problem, have good insurance but am treated like an addict trying to scam meds. We have either no or extremely bad mental health care. I don’t think anyone cares how bad it is except the people looking for help. It’s so sad to know that no one cares about me and other people needing help more than me. I hope you can resolve your problem. I know I need my medication but know I’m on my own with no help in my local area. Please know you’re not alone and I’m sending you good wishes that it will get better.

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      It doesn’t sound like they’re violating any patient rights, unfortunately. That being said, if you have issues with the clinic policy it’s worth asking to speak with someone higher up at the clinic. Bottom line, though, if their policy does not work for you it may be better just to find a new clinic to go to.

      Lots of clinics have policies that can be challenging and frustrating, such as drug testing, monthly visits, no refills, being engaged in therapy, etc. It’s a matter of finding a clinic whose policies can meet your needs at the same time as theirs.

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      Dr. Eric

      Your frustration is not really with the clinic policy, which is the final tier of 1 – Federal Rules for a Schedule 1 Drug. 2 – Your State’s regulations to be in compliance with the Federal Rules. Then… 3 – How your clinic internally implements the State and Federal Regs.

      If you do write complaints regarding this, remember that whomever is reading defines “life sustaining” as meaning that you are stating that you will die without them.

      For example, per the DEA “A prescription for a controlled substance must be written in ink or indelible pencil or typewritten and must be manually signed by the practitioner on the date when issued.”

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