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      I know people have often talked about how challenging it can be to obtain Adderall for treatment of ADHD. Even just being able to find the right physician or psychiatrist willing to prescribe it can be a challenge.

      Fortunately for me, the latter was not a problem. My diagnosing physician also had ADHD. He wrote it for me on the spot and had my wife and me fill out an ADHD symptom survey. He then referred me to a psychologist specializing in ADHD, where I was able to take my neuropsych exam, proving conclusively that I did in fact have mild to above average symptoms of ADHD which warranted medication.

      Unfortunately, that’s where the ease of treating my ADHD stopped. In order to try and simplify the process of regularly getting my prescription filled, I attempted to reach out to the psychiatrist recommended by my psychologist, but he has not been accepting new patients for sometime.

      So the only choice I had at that point was to go to the local primary and urgent care. There are two in my area, one slightly better than the other. One month last year when I arrived to get my prescription refilled, I learned that my physician had moved out of state and I had to meet with a doctor I had never met before.

      Not only did the doctor not ask me how I was doing, he didn’t even look at any of my records. He only asked what I was there for and when I told him it was to get my Adderall prescription refilled, his demeanor changed and he said very little, didn’t ask any questions wrote a 30 day supply and then treated me like a drug addict and had the nurse pulled me aside for a drug test. Legit felt like a criminal getting my own damn prescription filled.

      Needless to say, I wrote a rather scathing review about the experience and never went back to that location or with that doctor. I wasn’t planning on going back to the other location either but I had no other choice. Fortunately, there were two other doctors there who have been phenomenal and always check up on me and asked how things were going and never had any issues writing the 90 day prescription.

      Fast forward to now. I had gone to the doctor like normal to get my 90 day prescription refilled about three weeks ago. Everything was fine. Doc checked in on me, wrote the 90 day prescription, and I headed to CVS to get it filled.

      Drop it off at CVS but I am told that they are requiring a new prior authorization for the 90 day supply. This of course was something I had already done, and despite it being an inconvenient pain, I went ahead and had them file the prior authorization with the doctor, knowing that if last time were any indication, I would have the prescription filled by the end of the following week.

      Boy was I wrong.

      Not only did they take over three weeks just to get the prior authorization, but I also lost my job over that time and was completely out of medication.

      I followed up with the doctors office three or four times over the past couple weeks, as well as with CVS to see if they had heard anything. CVS sent the prior authorization letter every single time and received no response from the doctors office. So I finally got a hold of someone who was willing to give me a call back and talk through what’s going on. They tell me that it can take up to two weeks (which is BS because they have always said it only takes up to a week) and that even after two weeks my prior authorization request was still at the bottom of the pile. I wasn’t “prioritized”.

      So after giving them a piece of my mind, they went ahead and said they would prioritize it. Awesome. And in the meantime, I called CVS Caremark customer service to figure out why I was getting the run around and was able to get a nice lady there to also prioritize the authorization on their end.

      This past Friday, I got a letter from CVS showing that they authorized the prescription. Awesome. So I figured that today I would go ahead and call in the prescription so I could pick it up later today.

      Unfortunately, due to God only knows what, the prescription that was written for 90 days did not have an authorization and a 30 day prescription was all that was authorized. Despite the prescription explicitly stating it would be for 90 days.

      So when the CVS lady told me this, I about lost it. She tells me that yet again have to call the doctors office now for the fifth time and have them authorize the 90 day supply.

      So I call and leave a voicemail (because of course the nursing station at this primary urgent care never answers the phone). For the first time ever, a nurse called me right back within about 20 minutes and tells me that they don’t do prior authorizations for 90 day supplies of Adderall.

      And I’m like oh. That’s news to me, considering I’ve been getting a 90 day supply with you guys for over a year now. She said apparently the policy changed about six months ago.

      Which makes me SOL since I left the job I had been in for a while to take a new opportunity, so of course my health insurance changed. Because it changed, I had to put in the new prior authorization.

      But since they don’t do prior authorizations for 90 day supplies anymore, I have to either pay nearly $300 for the prescription out of pocket or $200 every month (since I now don’t have healthcare) just for the privilege of going taking the time to the doc, have them write me a new 30 day prescription, and go through all this nonsense again.

      It’s completely infuriating and I am almost at a point now where I just don’t even want to be medicated because of how much BS I’m having to go through just to feel “normal”.

      Anyone else having these issues? Anyone have any advice on how to deal with these issues? I’m open to suggestions.

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      i had trouble, got atomoxetine. it’s not as good but it’s still quite good, like 80% as good as adderall, esp if you use with some caffeine.

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