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    Hi all! This will be a nice ramble, so hang on. I need advice but I am not sure what to ask.

    I am trying my best to work with my 7th grade son and his classwork. If it were not for classwork, he would be a straight-A student. As in his tests are great. He even likes taking the standardized tests! But he will NOT turn in work, give it the very minimum effort (as in writing for English), or just refuse to do it. He has an F in one class and brought up an F to a D in another. He knows that is not acceptable. Also, he knows that school policy is that he cannot do after school clubs if he is failing a class, and he has joined the Dungeons and Dragons club, which he loves.

    I emailed his teachers today to check in. They have been very responsive, which is great. I met with them and the 504 folks a couple of weeks ago. They asked that if he is having a bad morning to let them know and they will give him some grace. The 504 people said he does not qualify for 504 because he was doing well with his grades (at that time). Event then, I wouldn’t know what to ask for. Just let him take tests? Ugh.

    Our school uses Google Classroom which is a Godsend. I sit down with him every night and look over his work and homework with him. I *think* he’s getting better, but then I hear things from English about not putting in the effort or that today he kept dropping a pen while a classmate was presenting in another class.

    He is a great kid. He is loving and kind (at least to us). He IS quick to label himself as “lazy.” He wants to make me happy and does things to do that, but I am trying to get him to understand that schoolwork needs to be done not to make me happy but so he can succeed in a career and/or college. When I go over his grades with him, I show him the good and the bad.

    Other things to note: We are in the public school system. There is only one private school near us that goes to grade 12 and it is not an option.

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    Penny Williams

    I would assume that not doing any of the work and just taking tests is not an option the school will accept. Grades are NOT the qualifying factor for a 504 plan — the school needs to be educated on that. Go to the Director of Special Ed at your school board if the school hangs onto that misbelief — it’s their job to make sure all the schools in their area are following the law.

    An IEP vs. a 504 Plan: What’s What?

    Step-by-Step Guide for Securing ADHD Accommodations at School

    It sounds like he might be bored or the work is too easy for him. OR, it could be that he’s struggling with the work or managing himself on his own in the classroom.

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    He’s in advanced classes. I don’t think he is bored, he just doesn’t see the need to do it.

    He has something else going on too, but I can’t put my finger on it. It may be time for a reevaluation as it has been about three years since the diagnosis.

    Thank you for the information on 504. We had the county 504 coordinator in the meeting and she was the one who said that if he is achieving then he does not need the 504. I am going to look at the links you sent tonight and try to wrap my head around it.

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    I wrote a long post, but it said “error.” Check into dysgraphia. It is a writing disability that makes it hard to get thoughts into paper. My son also excels at standardized tests but could not get his classwork done. He is not lazy or bored! A new evaluation sounds like a great idea. Best of luck!

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      I handed out the Vanderbilt forms today to the teachers. I am glad we are doing this again because things that were problems in the past are not now and vice versa.

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