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    Has anybody else struggled with chronic fatigue syndrome type symptoms? I’ve been struggling with them for about 15 years now and was incapacitated to the point where I couldn’t work about 8 years ago. My therapist (I also struggle with anxiety and depression) made the comment a few weeks ago that she wouldn’t be surprised if I had ADD. This sent me researching and it turns out that ADD is not what I thought it was and I actually have a lot of the symptoms. A google search a couple of nights ago turned up the fact that some people with CFS symptoms actually have undiagnosed ADD/ADHD. I’ve set up an appointment to follow up with my doctor, but I’m wondering if anybody here has had CFS symptoms and been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD?

    Any thoughts you might have would be greatly appreciated!

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    I suffered chronic fatigue syndrome for many year I as well couldn’t work for so many years,I broke my spine in 2009 which put me in a huge lull for along time,I was tired all the time I didnt have a job for 10 years,I felt lost,I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was four,I’ve been on Stims on and of my whole life for me it was the right stim that would pull me out of the darkeness,im on 50mgs of VyvNse at the moment and have been for a few months npw,its been the icing on the cake (knock on wood) you mentioned you might have ADD if so I’d get checked our which I believe you already have,stims might help with the CFS,they also might help take your mind off of the issue,hope things work out for you,any questions I’m here to listen.

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    Penny Williams

    There are so many things that can affect our physical energy, although chronic fatigue always seems the most obvious. Many with ADHD say they feel exhausted all the time. It’s tough working harder to achieve some things.

    Stress (related to ADHD or not) can also make you feel like you have zero energy. And it can deplete your adrenal system which will reduce your physical energy.

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    I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (more properly known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, sometimes also called Systemic Exercise Intolerance Disease) before meeting my husband who has Inattentive ADD. There is a constellation of symptoms required for ME/CFS diagnosis you can find at It is basically an immune dysfunction with brain inflammation, although that is still under research. Yes, fatigue is one of the main symptoms, but as Penny pointed out there are many things that make us feel tired. Many with ME are so depleted they become bed-bound for periods of time, as I was before I met my husband.

    For my ADD husband, I’ve observed that when he is motivated and excited about something, he seems to have plenty of energy. But when he overdoes it or when feels “lost”/not focusing, he can easily take a nap at almost any time of the day or night. He falls asleep easily if his brain isn’t stimulated. And he tends to sleep long hours overnight, too. ME/CFS has disordered sleep/insomnia as a primary symptom. So there are definitely some differences.

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      Hi penny, this is my experience. Everything I dis in my career involved a great deal of effort in order to mitigate my adhd symptoms. This increased stress eventually led to HPA axis disfunction. I think many undiagnosed adhd people are under a lot of stress trying to dunc ion like everyone else in the workplace etc. thanks

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    I will also say that ME/CFS does mess with your brain. Brain fog is another common symptom. So I can see how forgetfulness or inability to focus could affect both people with ME/CFS and ADD. But I think the causes are different.

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