Chromebooks – the cons (Tech Tools Webinar)

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    Wendy Lichtig

    My son’s school uses chromebooks. I know he plays video games while in class and, especially, while doing homework. Is there monitoring software that I can put on there? The school has their own system, but it doesn’t work well enough and they are not willing to change their system. It is not feasible for me to watch him every moment while he does homework. I’ve tried putting a time limit on how long he has for doing homework, with the hopes that he would prioritize homework and leave the gaming for afterwards. It didn’t work. He, of course, just told me that I didn’t give him enough time to finish his homework.

    There is a great monitoring system called Screentime that can be used on tablets and phones but not Chromebooks or laptops. I was even thinking of forcing him to use one instead of the chromebook, just so we can monitor him. They are, especially the ones with built in keyboards, very expensive, however. Additionally, he loses everything, so bringing it to school wouldn’t be an option.

    Giving video game breaks at certain intervals doesn’t help either. He will still sneak them during work time.

    Thanks in advance

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    I realize this is for the webinar guest expert, but I wanted suggest Circle. It’s a parental control device that is installed with your router and controlled from an app on your phone. You can set times and limits per device, and so much more. It should allow you to block the internet on the Chromebook during certain hours.

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