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      minas mom

      So my 7 year daughter has a very hard time with new things. Appointments new activities etc. it seems like everytime I tell her we have to go to an appointment it’s a complete melt down. For example this morning I dropped her off at my moms and she has a physical therapy Evaluation. She immediately got upset ran away and started throwing a fit. Yesterday I had a video call intake for big brother big sisters. The whole time it was a meltdown, her getting to grab the phone away screaming yelling. I don’t know how to help my daughter. She is 7. Instead of listening to me everything is automatically running away or getting angry and upset. Help me pleaae

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      Penny Williams

      It sounds like she’s dysregulated and doesn’t yet have the skills or manage that or to manage not knowing what to expect. Start talking to her a couple days in advance of something new. Explain what it’s like there, who she’ll meet, what she’ll see, what she’ll do.

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      Occupational Therapy can help a great deal with regulation strategies and building tolerance too.

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