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      Currently I am in my final year of university, and working on a major project about children with ADHD specifically between the ages of 4 and 9. I was hoping to gain some inside knowledge and help for my project research. My project aim is to successfully design and develop a product which aids children with ADHD to engage in a task or activity without being distracted (e.g. helping them to complete homework and educational tasks). I have already done some secondary research and looked at products already on the market however by conversing with the parents who are willing to help I believe this would help me further into understanding the condition as well as allowing me to gain further knowledge in how well products on the market are useful. I have a few questions which I will list below.
      This would be a huge support for my project and it is highly appreciated.

      1) Firstly, how old is your child?
      2) What steps/stages do you take in order to get your child to listen or engage in an activity?
      3) Are there any specific products/toys you currently use or have used in the past to help them concentrate?
      4) Are there any ideas of products you would want to find on the market that you think would be beneficial?
      5) Currently I am working on designing and developing an educational product for children with ADHD to exercise their mind. Any suggestions on what type of product would be beneficial? E.g. Fidget toys, Reward systems, squeezable (e.g. stress balls) other? If other, please state suggestion.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.

      If you would be willing to help further for this project please contact me directly or leave contact details to enable me to get in touch.

      Thank you!

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