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      Has anyone tried CBD oil for ADHD symptoms …I have been reading on them and at this point I am ready to try anything to help my son

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      I did talk to a CBD oil specialist at a holistic pharmacy last week about getting myself and my 3rd grade son on the oil, and I did buy some. (We both have inattentive ADHD) I’ve since found out that if he were to need it throughout the day, (he has to take a second extended-release stimulant pill after lunch because he metabolizes it fast) the school won’t give it to him because doctors aren’t prescribing it or it’s not proven. I didn’t start this past week-end, but I may this coming week-end. The specialist gave me a protocol to go through to find out what is needed, and it would just be given in the morning while keeping him on his regular medication. I’m torn about it.
      I need to wait and work with my doctor because I’m on an antidepressant, and it can interfere and if it’s working, I’ll have to slowly go off the antidepressant.
      One thing the specialist said is that it is very individual how it helps or if it doesn’t. Sorry I don’t have any direct experience with it yet but I also would like to hear from others.

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        I tried it. It had no effect on me whatever. I might as well have been drinking vegetable oil twice a day.

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      I am very much interested on this topic as well. Any input would be appreciated.

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      Studies are showing that CBD inhibits executive functioning. It can help with anxiety symptoms, but worsens ADHD symptoms. 🙁 Too bad. I was excited for a natural solution.

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      I have been taking CBD 2x daily for several months now in advance of being able to be prescribed meds. It really grounds me, smooths out the frantic “what am forgetting now???” feelings. I feel no altered or “stoned” feeling, and nothing inhibits my ability to function. Quite the opposite actually.

      Details: I am using it in liquid form. I take 50mg (1 dropperful/1 ml) sublingually when I get up in the AM and another after lunch. My preferred brand is Lazarus Naturals high potency. I have also tried NuLeaf, which is also good. (Just so you know – it’s not made from weed; it’s made from hemp so it’s legal to ship anywhere. And cbdoilusers.com has coupon codes that help bring the cost down.)

      That’s my experience as at 49 year old. Hope it helps,and happy to say more if you like.

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        Aconger ~ I would like to learn more about the Lazarus Naturals CBD oil, if you don’t mind. I was approved for their assistance program due to being disabled. I have chronic intractable pain due to a genetic disorder. I also have migraines, ADD, depression, anxiety and a few other things. You’re the 1st person I’ve seen that has actually USED their product(s), so I just had a few questions. If you’re willing to talk a little more, I’d love to pick your brain a bit!

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        Sure CheyneRayne, I would be glad to answer your questions. I have purchased from them twice. Before I ordered, I talked to a local pharmacist who is a licensed pharmacist and also has a great deal of knowledge of Lazarus Naturals as he sells it in his pharmacy and CBD as a whole. I told him what conditions I have and he was able to work out what he thought the best dose for me was. I don’t know where you live so I can’t give you any information as to who you should talk to. You can probably call Lazarus and they may even be able to help you or tell you who in your area sells it. This last time I purchased the Tropical Breeze 3000mg High Potency (just a smaller bottle), which has the same CBD content as the 6000 mg High Potency regular tincture. It taste soooooo much better. There is zero thc in the Tropical Breeze batch I received according to the independent lab test. The other one did contain some but I don’t remember the amount. I do know it was minimal and within legal limits. In South Carolina the legal limit of THC is .3 percent. There has been no difference in the effect from one to the other. Let me know if I can help you further.

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        Thank you for the reply! You actually answered a couple questions already. I was going to ask about the different flavors. My pain specialist is the one who suggested that I try CBD oil for my chronic pain. My 12 year old has ADHD, but she also suffer from the same genetic disorder that I have, so she also experiences chronic pain. Lazarus Naturals has an assistance program for low income, veterans, and disabled. I was already approved for the assistance, so I was trying to find someone with first hand experience with this particular company. Thank you again!

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      Damn… i had my hopes up for CBD… I think im still going to try it.. I suffer from social anxiety and awkwardness and ocd apart from adhd. At this point ill do almost anything to get my social anxiety under control, I dont think it can affect that bad executive functioning. Anyway my antidepressants affect my memory, and modafinil affects other cognitive aspects as well.

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        Penny Williams

        I know several people who have had great success with using CBD oil to reduce their anxiety — even social anxiety. It could help you, at least with that aspect. Make sure you talk with your doctor about taking it with your prescriptions.

        ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      My son was on 4 medications from age 8 to 14.
      He now only takes CBD oil and is doing fantastic.
      He has severe combination ADHD (all subtypes), anxiety, ODD.

      I started him on it in January. In May we dropped his Concerta and two other meds, 1 month ago we stopped his Paxil.

      We ran out this week, as I am broke and unemployed so I can not buy more.
      The old wild a-hole kid is back. Excuse my French I love my kid but that’s an accurate description.

      He takes 10 my in the morning and 15 at night, and did not need any through the day. It lasts about 10 hours and when you take it daily it has a cumulative effect where the benefits are even longer lasting. For example it took about 3 days for his ADHD symptoms to return.

      I have major executive functioning issues, as does my son. CBD absolutely helps us both with executive functioning. I cannot afford it for both of us though, so I still have issues myself
      THC, which is another one of the hundred or so cannabinoid found in cannabis, very much inhibits executive functioning. It is also the cannabinoid responsible for the high.
      CBD gives no high, and does not contain THC.

      People respond differently to CBD. Some people it is like they had coffee, others it makes them relaxed and sleepy, still others just feel a sense of wellness without energy boost or sleepiness.
      Once you know how it effects you you determine when to take it.
      It makes me sleep great and then I wake refreshed and have better days. I can take a tiny bit in AM and it acts like coffee though.

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        Thank you for giving that info. Going to try something new this summer

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        What brand do you use

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      Not sure what happened but it’s not showing my comment after I edited a mis-spelling… but that might just be a glitch…
      I wanted to add that my daughter who has Inattentive ADHD (Like me) has also tried it. My kids are all homeschooled and when she tried it she had the flu, i thought it might help her recover, she sat at the dining room table doing homework by her own motivation for 4 hours.
      Wish I could afford it for all 3 of us to take daily

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      that is amazing news and gives me hope for something that i can take in the future..

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      I did a quick search for studies for the effect on CBD on Executive Function. One research basically found that *synthetic cannabis or CBD had harmful effeffects on EF.
      I also found this: https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn%3Aaaid%3Ascds%3AUS%3A7d4213fd-d00e-4aed-acbc-e370ebaaf8ba

      which should be a pdf that takes about improvements on executive function with CBD oil. Some of it may be due to better sleep, for example.

      Anyway, I would love to see any links or references to the negative research mentioned above.

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        Penny Williams

        Looks like the link you provided is a study on medical marijuana for EF. CBD oil is not the same — it’s doesn’t have the THC that marijuana has (it’s hemp). CBD oil is legal in all states in the US. Medical marijuana is only legal in a few states and now in Canada too.

        ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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        Penny mentioned above that CBD is legal in all 50 states. Please be careful and check your local laws. It may be only allowed for specific applications or under a doctor’s supervision.

        I know here in Alabama, it is ONLY legal for treating certain types of pediatric epilepsy in a hospital setting. It is not legal to buy over the counter or possess for home use. There were some businesses shut down here recently because they thought it was OK to sell, but it is not.

        So please get familiar with law & policy in your local jurisdiction. Especially if you’re considering letting your kid carry it to school.

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        I am lucky I live in VT where it is legal. I am very excited and hopeful that this will work for my son who is 14, I forgot to mention that in my previous post. It may not, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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        I have wonderful news. I have been on quality CBD Oil for about a week and have had remarkable shifts in my
        functioning. The only brand that is water soluable, (meaning it easily absorbs into the blood is Zilis Ultracell.
        You can learn more about it at http://www.zilis.com/lightworker

        You can also check testimonials on You Tube about this particular brand.
        I am going to enclose part of a letter I wrote just this morning whose situation led me to first trying it:


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      I would check out the source of who did the research. Was it a pharmaceutical company? Just a thought.

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      I use it for social anxiety. It’s good if you get too wound up on stims/caffeine too. It’s a pretty noticeable/dramatic effect as far as racing thoughts/rumination/anxiety goes. I don’t use it daily, mostly as needed to calm or reduce anxiety. Which is usually socially. While driving is nice too though because I have less compulsion to look at my phone, etc…because my mind is calm/quiet. So it could have some efficacy for impulsivity driven by interrupting thoughts? I’d say it has merit depending on context and what your primary concern is. Prob a good option to have around. It wouldn’t be best option for being very productive id say, unless your racing thoughts were causing you difficulty in focusing on one thing. I use a vape liquid/vape pen. Apparently this is the most effective way to absorb it, it works within 2-3 minutes so you easily know if you should have more or not to get the desired effect. I shared with a friend with PTSD/anxiety issues and it blew her mind. She’s been using RX marijuana for that but finds the CBD works just as well 🙂

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      I have been giving CBD oil to my 17 year old daughter for about 6 months. She has the anxious type of ADHD. It doesn’t really have an effect on the ADHD, but it does work on the anxiety. I Haven’t notice a deficit in EF. What we have experienced is pretty much inline with the research I have seen.

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      I am fairly new to taking CBD oils and now am trying vaping them to absorb more of the CBD. Orally it seems you will not absorb as much.
      I am doing more research on this subject due to wanting a more holistic approach to RX meds. My grown daughter and, don’t laugh my dog are now both taking the CBD oils and the benefits are definitely there for calming and anxiety. I do not know if it is placebo or not but I am also gaining mental clarity!! Yes I have ADHD.
      I’m all in. Doing more research. I buy mine from a reputable pharmacy but I have found great products on Amazon. Make sure you look at the ingredient list!
      By the way- taking CBD oils has also alleviated my need to take several doses of Tylenol/Ibprofen for my shoulder pain. Amazing!!
      Look at the anti- carcinogen effects…..

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      I sell CBD in a grocery store in Colorado. I am not on commission, so I am not trying to sell anybody here anything. I can testify that it has helped hundreds and hundreds of people that I have talked to. I don’t think it completely helps ALL Add symptoms. It helps immensely with anxiety and hyperactivity, among other pain relieving symptoms (arthritis and other kinds of chronic pain, but that is not the subject of this thread) I can tell you that my husband tells me that I am calmer. I still have some of my ADD symptoms, but being calmer helps me with them, and helps with life in general!

      As to the above entry, I don’t know how you would vape CBD. We sell tinctures (take by the dropperfull) and pills. I am of the opinion that the tinctures absorb more effectively than pills, because your body takes a bit more effort to breakdown pills. The tinctures mainly taste oily. Sometimes the stronger ones have a bit of a “bite” aftertaste to them, but that can be easily solved by drinking water or something else right afterward.

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      Studies are not showing CBD inhibits executive function.I talked to my psychiatrist about cbd. There are not enough studies to say anything. We are doing our own emperical study. Guess what. It worked for for impulsivity and anger. 100% works for me. Doesn’t mean it will work for you. Bluebird is the best product out there and not cost prohibitive.

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      I sell CBD in a grocery store, as I said above. I have had great reports about using CBD with pets. Tons of people have told me that their animal was old and arthritic, and not feeling very good. They gave them CBD oil, and there have been AMAZING IMPROVEMENTS! Their animals are running around again, obviously feeling much better. Just WATCH THE DOSAGE. I had one woman who gave her dog half a vial of CBD all at once, and the dog had nasty globulus stools. There are directions on how much to give per the weight of the animal on each vial.

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      I have been taking it for a month or so for help with sleeping. I also have add. I haven’t tried it during the day yet but plan to. It’s really helping me sleep through the night! No racing mind if I wake up, which I don’t wake up in the wee hours anymore. My son has adhd and I have been wanting to give it to him to try. I’m going to try it this weekend and see what happens. I am nervous about it and hope it’s a miracle. I pay $450/month for his Concerta so it would be much less expensive. I will keep everyone posted.

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      I take it to help with anxiety and with the sometimes jittery feeling I get from adderal (especially if I forget to eat lunch before my second dose). For me it helps a lot with the anxiety, racing thoughts, etc. better than Xanax, but it can make me sleepy if I take too much.

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      So what I’m reading here is that CBD probably wouldn’t help my son with his EF or other ADD symptoms since he does not have anxiety issues. If anything he is almost too laid back about everything, bordering on apathetic which is taking it’s toll on his grades as a new college student. Anyone have experience using CBD with this “type” of ADD?

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      I use CBD for my hormonal hot flashes and it is my SAVING GRACE! I wont go on any hormonal replacement meds and I dont need to with CBD oil.

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      I am an adult with ADD and several other conditions. I have been taking CBD for several months now. I has helped me to concentrate better, work smarter and stay organized. I purchase my CBD from an online distributor that test all of their products to make sure there are no unwanted thc or other potential harmful ingredients. Lazuras Naturals is where I get mine. Not only has it helped with my ADD it has helped me with most of my other conditions and toned down the rest. I take mine in the a.m. and p.m. .25mg each time.

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      dave b

      I am a 61 yer old male, diagnosed about a year ago with ADHD. As well, I suffer from Seasonal Affected Disorder, depression (using Paxil), social anxiety, and over my life I have relationship problems, alcohol and drug addiction issues.

      About 5 years ago I was diagnosed With Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, and was given a Rx for medical marijuana to help with chemo/mental issues. Post cancer I have used cbd oil, thc oil, as well as vaping high cbd strains of cannabis (with the full knowledge and support of my health care team), and from my perspective, it was of little to no real help with the ADHD aspect of my life. I have recently (within the last month) finally stopped all cannabis intake, and am now using only dexadrine, paxil, and weekly sessions with a mental health specialist.

      My take-away from the medical marijuana side of my last 5 years was that it was very easy to get on an ever increasing dosage “merry-go-round”, thinking that because it was part of the treatment protocol, it was safe, and good for me. It definitely was neither, and was extremely difficult to reduce, then finally cease. While it may be of some value for some, it must, in my opinion, be treated as any other pharmaceutical – do not for one second, think that because it is “natural”, or “herbal” that it is not worthy of extreme caution.

      My $0.02 worth

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      I have tried it at night and found it really helped my sleep and that I woke up much more clear headed. Although the amount I took did not appear to give me any type of high or obvious sedation I have not used it during the day just in case. I have also been terrified of being “caught” as its still illegal so I rarely take it. My GP said the amount I take in a dose would likely not be enough to show up on a drug test as i get no high and don’t get the munchies, but i just cant be sure.

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      I have ADHD and I’ve used CBD oil. I don’t think it lessens executive functions. That’s THC. CBD has only trace amounts of THC. Give it a try. If it doesn’t help then stop it. Make sure it’s organic and from a reputiable spot. UnnaGoods.com is a great spot to get it from. I’ve used their stuff and it works. Right now you can’t buy it off the site directly, but contact them and they will get you some. I think a tinture is about $40. Well worth it.

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      I just bought a vape and e-liquid with 200 mg full spectrum CBD. I am a caffeine junkie and was very nervous ! Smoked a few puffs and it took the edge off ! I don’t feel super relaxed! I suffer from debilitating OCD. Social anxiety and Ashe . Apart from addiction. I read a lot about it helping with social anxiety . I chose the vape form because the effect is quicker . I don’t think it positively helps my ADHD . I got the email today from Additude mag that it’s just claims ! I will continue to give a chance specially when I need to take the edge off .it tastes good and smells good . It feels like I’m putting something natural in my lungs . I don’t feel high at all! Just a tad more calmer ! Hey will take it in the night as the caffeine has made me have poor night of sleep many times

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      Update I had the best night sleep in days ! Today my caffeine intake was also very high .. I smoked CBD I feel calmer but still edgy . Maybe it would be worse . It’s getting close to time to sleep . Yesterday by this time I was knocked out due to the cbd ! With the lights on . I was passing out . Today I don’t feel the same way and I have vaped more today . There is no tolerance in cbd. I will see how I sleep tonight

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      I am reading all of the post about ADD and executive functions. Having never heard the term “executive functions” I had to google. I discovered that my son is executive functionally impaired!! I had no idea. I knew about the ADD, but didn’t realize the other part had a name. For those who have found success with CBD oils in improving the symptoms of ADD and executive functioning, what kind of oil did you use? There are so many different types of oils for different ailments. Can someone tell me what kind of oils you used (not the brand)?

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      Looks like there is zero science based (or otherwise) proof that would in anyway indicate the CBD is beneficial in the treatment of ADHD. I am sorry.

      CBD Oil for ADHD? The Facts About This Popular Natural Treatment

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      Anxiety and many other things like food sensitivities and depression can present as adhd in kids. My son has been trying the zero thc CBD oil from hemp only and has made major changes in behavior st school.getting all his work done when he is supposed to, being redirected by teacher through the day WAY less and having less break downs from frustration. That’s just in a two week time frame of taking it once in the morning as noted on bottle. 3rd Party tested, federally grown industrial hemp 100% thc free. I couldn’t be more happy about this. I absolutely refuse to give a child while still developing chemical medications with major side effects if there’s natural options and behavior modifications to be made. He hasn’t changed from his normal sweet bubbly self either which happens too often with the heavy medications. We also stay away from artificial colors and flavoring as much as possible and he is lactose intolerant so we switched to fairlife dha milk which he loves and he gets his omegas which helps a lot too. My old boss used it for his daughter with seizures and it was the only thing that helped. I’ll post the article about how it effects the Endocannabinoid System in our body. That might help clarify things. It did for me. It connected a lot of dots from nursing school to my current issues being addressed. My anxiety included.

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      I can only attest to the brand we use which is Mantra Theory CBD. Here’s some Info:

      MantraTheory oils start with minimal, all plant ingredients and no “filler” ingredients that dilute the benefits. We send our oil for 3rd party lab testing to state of the art facilities that check for purity and potency. Our oil is a solvent free pure extract that is C02 processed and made from industrial hemp plants grown on the finest U.S. farms. This cannabidiol (CBD), is a constituent naturally occurring in the Hemp plant are just one of over 85 cannabinoids identified in cannabis plants. Our oil is created through an extraction process which creates solvent free and pure extracts. We do everything we can to bring the very best products to market while maintaining superior quality.

      Only after my testing it out myself and even questioning the owners did I realize all it can do and how it could help me and my son.

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      CBD oil is NOT a treatment for ADHD, anxiety, or any other health condition. Rather, CBD oil has the potential to improve your quality of life if you’re undergoing pain in one way or another. CBD oil is not a replacement for ADHD medication. Please consult with a qualified healthcare provider before using CBD oil, or making any changes to your diet.

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      Dr. Eric

      I have not seen anything convincing on CBD for ADHD symptoms. (Professionally or as a person with ADHD)
      I am aware of a lot of folks using to help with sleep.

      I also discussed this with my MD, and her experience matches my research with is that CBD alone is not necessarily effective.

      However, CBD with trace THC seems to do a really good job, especially if the other options are prescription Ambien or other hypnotics.

      Obviously, this becomes a big issue when minors are involved.

      I always encourage folks to time common tasks and compare to see actual impact on productivity versus going by how things “feel”.

      Personally, I take a dose of methylphenidate that does not make me “feel” much different.
      However, I am 6 time more productive. One hour medicated equals 6 hours unmedicated in terms of work production.

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      I just bought cbd oil for my 14 yr old daughter and myself yesterday. There is a cbd oil shop close to our home. After much research on it and discussion with my daughter’s doctor and therapist, we went in and talked to the owner. He offered us a sample of the 300mg oil, the version with no thc. My daughter has severe anxiety that can exist with psychosomatic illnesses like headache and nausea, ocd, depression, and add. Within 15 minutes she told me she wasn’t ‘ticking’ and her anxiety level was down. I also had a feeling of calm. There is no cure for these issues, but if this helps treat the symptoms and can provide some relief, I am all for it. I really don’t want to have to increase her meds. I am hoping this continues to help.

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      I suffer from anxiety and after taking CBD for a few months I decided to come off my medication and it’s been great! The biggest problem I’ve found with CBD so far is telling the good products from the bad. I’ve tried several different products with varying results.

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      I’ve been treating my eight year old child with one drop of the hemp extract tincture 600 mg oil every night at bedtime. I add one drop to whatever he is eating for dinner. I was pretty desperate to help him and myself. He has major anxiety issues that make him very aggravated. I kept waiting for years for him to outgrow it. I’ve also tried therapy, being super empathetic and supportive at home but also stern when he acts up. We tried behavior modification at home and at the school. It may be because he is a twin and they were behind with speech because they had a twin language. He’s had a lot of things where I could see that the lack of ability to communicate younger may have made him a very frustrated child. He was extremely agitated all the time. Anytime you even said his name to ask him about something, he would tell back. He couldn’t control himself. He would get very frustrated and make very aggravated almost animal-like noises. I know it sounds ridiculous, but this is a very frustrated kid that’s had a lot of changes recently. So it was getting worse.

      I considered getting him on an anti-anxiety medication or ADHD medication a couple years ago and decided not to when I saw the side effects. If I have to watch my kid to make sure he doesn’t have a heart attack, I’m good. I’m not going to do that to him or myself. The benefits don’t outweigh the risk.

      About 6 months ago I decided to go deep and use my husband’s CBD oil that has helped him tremendously, for my child. The great thing is, there’s no placebo effect because my kid doesn’t know he’s taking it at all.

      The first two days he seemed a little different. He almost seemed extra happy. It’s hard to explain. He was running in circles and playing for hours on end when he would usually prefer to be inside and beg to be on his iPad or beg for cartoons on the TV.

      By day three, everything just stopped. He stopped yelling. He wasn’t frustrated anymore. When I would help him do his homework he wasn’t mad or frustrated. He would actually focus and be kind. I have been really shocked this entire time. And it’s changed our lives.

      It used to be very embarrassing to go out into public and try to get him to eat in a restaurant because he would yell like a crazy person. I mean, flat out. I would go to give him a bite of something and he would literally scream “what is it” over and over again and get so upset. And he knew better. But nothing helped. No matter what the consequence was, he could not stop himself from being nutty.

      There may be limited research and the statistics may point to there not being any kind of conclusive outcome. But I’ve seen what it’s done for my husband with his depression and anxiety and I’ve seen what it’s done for my kid with his extreme anxiety. I could not be more thankful that this stuff is around.

      And I’m certainly not here telling everybody that this is the answer and this is what to do. It’s just my experience when we hit rock bottom. I don’t really see where there’s anything to lose by trying it for yourself to see if it works. My husband had absolutely no side effects. My son was a little more thirsty than usual the first 2 days. Which is great, because it used to be impossible for me to get him to drink water. And that’s been it this whole time.

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      I am an advocate for Hemp-Derived CBD & I am a walking Testimony as to what it can do for people. It is Absolutely incredible & I HIGHLY recommend it to so many. I would Absolutely choose an all-natural, 100% organic Alternative any day, over those synthetic, lethal and dangerous pharmaceuticals!! It is showing to have profound effects for ADD/ADHD, and SO MUCH MORE! I even have Dr’s referring some patients of theirs to me, bc of the reputable CBD I have access to. If u want more CBD Education, plz join me & a thousand plus other people, in my Educational FaceBook Group called ForeverHemp.
      Access to & for more info on these CBD Products at: http://www.mendmecbd.com
      Knowledge is power and Education is key. Best wishes to u all.
      -Angie Clinger

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      I recently tried it for a different reason but found amazing benefits to my inattentive ADD. I had a very unexpected stroke 9 months ago – I’m 43. I tried the CBD for unresolved pain and it helped within hours!! I had tears of joy. But by day 2 or 3 I noticed how calm my mind was for like the first time ever. I think my ADD is anxiety driven primarily and by helping my anxiety it calmed my mind. Again – tears of joy. Not kidding. All the other medications I had taken for ADD, the benefits were offset by the side effects. I’m very sensitive to medicine so if there’s a side effect listed then I’m the one who feels it. Anyway, it helped in other areas as well but I just want to let you know it needs to be high quality. Mine is 100% organic, tested by 3rd party, 94% absorbtion rate, lasts 8-12 hours as tested by Mayo Clinic. I’m not a salesperson but I am getting into this business soon because it was a gamechanger for me. Literally. I got my life back.

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      I have been using several types of oils and I thought they were okay but recently I have started using Nano Boost from cbdreliefus.com which is a water soluble and I felt the huge difference. From the small drops, you can definitely taste the hemp and difference in your body. I feel more calm and relaxed after a stressful day. I take it for my insomnia issues and constant headaches, it is definitely helping me out. The great thing is with the water soluble I can put a few drops in my water bottle and take it on the go and easily put it on my dogs food.

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      I use it for social anxiety. It’s good if you get too wound up on stims/caffeine too. It’s a pretty noticeable/dramatic effect as far as racing thoughts/rumination/anxiety goes. I don’t use it daily, mostly as needed to calm or reduce anxiety.

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      CBD Products like Oil and cream which is helpful in relieve pain and inflammation, reduce anxiety, and even fight cancer.

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      Wish I could try it. Not sure my wife would be ok with it as she is anti-marijuana in a big way.

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      Daisy Moore

      Is it Ligal? to use cbd products for children?

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      I just purchased CBD gummies for my 17 ADHD son to try. He has concentration issues and severe anxiety. He is currently taking Metadate does anyone know if the gummies can be taken with his current medicine?

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        Penny Williams

        Ask your doctor or pharmacist.

        ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      I personally have ADD and CBD gummies have really been a life saver for me! I don’t like taking marijuana because the THC in it gives me bad anxiety and paranoia which I already experience enough of on a daily basis.

      For kids, I recommend CBD gummy bears because they look cute and might be easier for them to take. I know when I was a kid I would run away from anything in a liquid or pill form, and would only take Flinstone gummy vitamins. To this day my vitamins are still in gummy form. Can’t break old habits I guess lol

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    • #111521

      The cbd has no side effects with my daughter’s medication (Zoloft and trazadone). There are no real side effects from cbd that I’ve seen at all, except decreased anxiety and depression and less ocd ticks…lol! CBD is legal in most states as it does not have THC, no age issues. My daughter’s therapist and pyschiatrist are excited that we are using it as it is helping so much. She uses the water soluble for her doses and we bought the gummies to take with us in case of severe anxiety attacks.

    • #111569
      Daisy Moore

      However, that doesn’t mean that CBD can’t be used to treat symptoms of ADHD. It just hasn’t been studied specifically for this use.If you think CBD might ease your child’s symptoms, talk with their doctor. You can discuss the possible risks and rewards.

    • #111584
      Daisy Moore

      If you want to know In-depth of CBD, firstly you need to know about these points:
      1. Cannabis: Cannabis is a flowering plant which has three Sub:
      • Cannabis Indica
      • Cannabis Sativa
      • Cannabis Ruderalis.
      The two Main things of cannabis plants are Indica and Sativa. Now the first two groups are generally known as Marijuana and have a higher concentration of THC. THC is the cannabinoid which produces psychoactive effects when it is consumed. Hemp is one of the members of the subgroup Sativa which has less then THC. Any variety of the cannabis plant, whether high THC type or one that contains low-THC, can be cultivated to generate high CBD levels.
      2. Cannabinoids: CBD is the chemicals found in Cannabis plants. Now Endocannabinoid means cannabis inside, every mammal produces cannabinoids and has the innate system which response to them. ESC primarily found in the nervous system, immune system, and digestive system.
      Now we can talk about “What is CBD?”
      3. CBD: CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical extracted from leaves and flowers of Cannabis plant. So, it clearly doesn’t make you high. CBD is able to exert a number of therapeutic effects by regulating the productions of signals in your cells, acting as an antioxidant, and activating several different types of receptors in your body, and NO negative side-effects yet discovered. Thus, CBD has come up as a safe and potent natural therapy for various health issues.

    • #111895

      5-HT1A may be a tradeoff between poor executive function (too low) and poor memory formation/learning (too high).

      CBD, like Buspirone, is a fairly selective 5-HT1A agonist (partial agonist, in case of CBD).

      Buspirone has proven therapeutic benefit in double blind trials of ADHD, but not to the extent of Ritalin. Buspirone combines 5-HT1A agonism with α2A antagonism, which is likely part of its therapeutic benefit for inattentive type ADHD (but may provide negative outcomes on hyperactivity, if monkey models are related).

      But in any case, there’s good basis to believe CBD could benefit ADHD, particularly those “high functioning”. I would not expect it to help all.

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    • #114956

      Yes, I am Using CBD oil From last 5 months and it is best oil for anxiety reducion. I really like it.

    • #121207

      I am also using CBD oil but with Terpenes to help. I don’t think there is much proof of evidence, yet, that it directly helps with Anxiety and many other conditions. However, I do know that it worked for me. I have struggled with anxiety for a while now but I found a company that uses CBD and terpenes in their products to relax you and it’s really helping me cope with my symptoms. I haven’t seen many companies do it this way. I can’t wait until there is more research so we can understand more about why it does help and what dose to take to get the most out of it.

    • #124447

      CBD oil might not be the exact treatment for ADHD, but it helps with handling specific symptoms that several people experience. Few people with ADHD struggle with anxiety, which can make their symptoms worse.

    • #125563

      Has anyone used +CBD oil (CV Sciences) or Charlotte’s Web? My 8 year old son has ADHD & ODD. He’s on Adderall ER and Clonidine (plus omegas, folate, iron & zinc supplements). My husband & I have already made the decision to add CBD oil, I’m just searching for the right brand. We are dealing with anger, anxiety, overall lack of control… now possibly developing a tic (which I know may lead to a change in his stimulant). We’ve already switched stimulants in hopes of decreasing the anxiety (helped for a while), but due to financial constraints, we are limited on our choices of rxs. These 2 CBD brands are available at my local health food store, so they would be convenient for purchase.

      • #125649
        Penny Williams

        CHarlotte’s Web is high quality and trustworthy. I don’t know anything about the other brand.

        ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

      • #129776


        Could you give some suggestions of CBD that you have a positive experience with or have heard of good results from other folks?

    • #125713

      Thank you Penny!

    • #126043

      Yes, I have used CBD. It really makes a difference. For me, it helps calm me down, and reduce my aches and pains. I am 60 years old, but I have found it helps with everybody. I also sell it (I am not on commission, so I am not trying to sell anything to you. But I can tell you that I greatly favor Charlotte’s Web over +CBD oil. I think it is higher quality. It may look expensive, but the more expensive it is, the more concentrated it is, so you use less per dose. I don’t know anything about doses for children.

      What I always tell people is to start with a LOW DOSE. More is not always better. It can take anywhere from a day or 2 to a week or 2 to take effect. Start with 2 doses – 1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon. I don’t know what a good amount is for a child. Give that dose for about a week, and see if there is any effect. If you are not sure, or if your child feels kind of calmer, but you are not sure, THEN increase the dose. You have to “play” with the dose a bit to find the right level for your child. Good luck!

    • #126072

      Jredhead777 thank you, very helpful!

    • #126548
      Trying to fit in

      I think everyone has different results with CBD and various brands. I first tried Charlotte’s Web. Nothing. No ADHD or anxiety relief. Then I heard about Lazarus Naturals. It didn’t do a thing. CBDDistillery. Nope. CBDFx. No luck. Sometimes becoming desperate to relieve my anxiety I would buy various cbd brands. A few years ago I was in Colorado and bought some gummies with thc to try microdosing. I cut the gummies up in small pieces. It relieved my anxiety and I got a few nights sleep. I don’t live in Colorado so I went back to trying cbd. I finally had luck with Koi. I vaped and used the tincture. After taking it for a few weeks it didn’t seem to work as well. My dog is on the Koi dog spray and it helps her thunder freakouts. This month my bank account is not happy so I can only find a little relief in what the insurance company pays for. I’m wondering why the cbd stopped working for me. Next month I’ll try again.
      Everyone is different and has different results.

      • #126549
        Trying to fit in

        I find better relief with just Rescue Remedy. It only eases my anxiety momentarily but at least I can catch my breath during that 2-3 minutes. Rescue Remedy is a lot cheaper but the results are so brief. Still searching for both anxiety and adhd medications that work for me. Still searching for local mental health care.

        On a lighter note I spent the entire day making a beautiful To-Do List. Nothing else. I so enjoyed making that list, knowing I wouldn’t have time to do anything on it today and not caring. It’s a lovely list. Colorful. Fun fonts. Photos. Such fun wasting time.

    • #126588

      I wanted to chime in on this thread because it is very important to all of us. I am not denying that CBD has a therapeutic benefit but I am not supporting it either. I want to shed some light on CBD in general:

      1. There is very limited regulation on CBD products and they can vary widely by manufacturer and can also have high variability between lots of the same product from the same manufacturer. Most regulation is at the state level so consistency of products will be an issue.
      2. There is a higher tolerance of THC impurity in states that have legalized marijuana. THC can be found at trace amounts (~0.3%) up to 5% and still be acceptable in some states. Don’t be surprised if you take CBD and test positive for marijuana in a drug test and have never smoked or ingested marijuana.
      3. CBD is delivered in many ways – through skin, swallow, inhale. It is difficult to quantify how much you get from each method and switching can be difficult to compare
      4. CBD may alter the effects of other drugs you take. Consult your doctor before starting CBD since certain drugs may have increased or decreased effectiveness when combined with CBD
      5. There are no well controlled clinical trials that show a therapeutic effect of CBD (in anything). By well controlled trial, I mean the type of study that the FDA will accept to allow for treatment of an indication (like a pharmaceutical)
      6. Careful what you read on the internet. Remember, Facebook and Google filter your search results to things they think you want to see. This filter can bias what you are reading and you really need to dig deep to substantiate any claims made by any product.
      7. THC (as an impurity) can have detrimental effects on a developing brain (children), there are no long term data for CBD in children. Be careful!!!!

      I just wanted to bring these thoughts forward for those looking for more information. It is not my intent to say CBD is bad (except for children, adolescents and young adults because of THC impurity) but to make sure you do a little homework before taking someone’s word that CBD is a cure all.

    • #126619

      Outsider participant, thank you for your response…I actually appreciate your candor.

    • #134214

      CBD — often in the form of an oil, a tincture, or an edible — has been rumored to reduce anxiety, a common symptom among those diagnosed with ADHD symptoms. No one, though — not even the drug’s most hardcore advocates — claims CBD is a treatment for ADHD.26

    • #134271

      I use CBD flowers every time. Like Lift or Hawaiian Haze. My favorite Cherry wine – its amazing and very healthy strain!

    • #134353

      CBD did nothing for me, personally. Be careful not to buy into all the supposed benefits of CBD too much, as most of the hype has been overblown. There isn’t a lot of science to back up most of the claims made about CBD, except for the evidence that shows it may help with seizures. It’s interesting to me that so many people are suspicious of the pharmaceutical industry (understandably so) but are 100% trusting of the “alternative medicine” companies that charge an arm and a leg for any product that contains CBD, including everything from bath bombs to kombucha. If you decide to try it, be cautious.

    • #141693

      I personally do not have ADHD. But, I have seen CBD help others with the condition. I’ve especially seen parents try it for their children. I am currently taking Ritualx for my anxiety and depression. I really like the brand because they are physician founded and led. They do lab testing, have quality ingredients in their product, and a nurse hotline to answer any concerns or questions you may have. They do appointments in person, as well as over the phone. They also ship right to your door. Go visit their website to check out their products and make your appointment. ritualxcbd.com

    • #141700

      How long do you have to take it before noticing an affect? I bought Saving Grace CBD oil and noticed no difference. Perhaps I didn’t take it long enough?

    • #141935

      Hello everyone. Interesting thread, I have heard so many times about CBD oil for ADHD symptoms but I have never tried it. Great to see your answers and your feedback about it. Thanks 🙂

    • #145377

      All fixings and crude materials utilized in every item should be lab tried and checked to guarantee the quality and immaculateness of the products.On the remote possibility that you are looking for a CBD oil supplier that offers ONLY the most secure . Created and . conveyed CBD oil things

    • #166044

      I tried it but didn’t have any effect on me

    • #166084

      Caution: soap box ahead!

      To everyone who says CBD has no effect:

      • Did you buy a reputable and tested brand?
      • Did you try a few different brands?
      • Did you play with timing and dosage?
      • Did you try a couple different delivery systems?

      All treatments, especially chemical ones, can require trial and error to find the sweet spot. Many of us have done this with ADHD medication and it holds true with CBD as well.

      You may not be willing to go to the effort and expense to do this trial and error, and that’s fine! But please resist then putting out incomplete info (“doesn’t work”) or warning others (“don’t believe it”). People are looking for helpful, thoughtful insights to help them make a decision on a very sensitive, important aspect of their lives.

      We must always account for personal differences when we share. What doesn’t work for you might be just the thing for someone else. Please share your experience, your opinion – but please be careful what you put out there.

      Thank you

    • #180639

      Hi all.. my eldest daughter who is 9 is diagnosed with adhd. I am hesitant on having her ingest cbd oil although I have heard positive feedback from other parents about it. What I do have her do is use cbd oil topically because of its calming and relaxation properties.  the effects of essential oils and aromoatherapy is amazing and I also love that it’s convenient, portable so we can easily bring it along with us wherever we go.

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    • #180646

      I have also heard a lot about the effectiveness of CBD oil in the ADHD treatment but I am not sure how good it will be for my kid. I would also like to know more about it. I read through all the comments above but I feel it will work differently for different people.

    • #180661
      Dr. Eric

      Please be careful, as being more physically mellow doesn’t mean that the brain is attending/learning.
      We want to see that they are actually being more productive and engaged.

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