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      All jobs I had, from simple ones to jobs that required higher education were all so boring that it making me both fatique and insomniac no matter what I did. I cant handle boredom but cant handle stress either, I dont work at all now but I try to find a way so I can gain money again in future, but all i remember are that prison-like feeling, i just hated it all & never felt work was rewarding not even when igot a good salary. I dunno if it was the social stuff that killed it or inner stress but i just feel so lost. I struggle with fatique mostly cuz of ADD but also sometimes if im stressed i get hyperactive & cant cope with have nothing to do. Can someone relate?

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      I totally understand My son is experiencing this now & it was it his 1st “real” He worked p/t at a Starbucks He learned the menus quickly & was well liked with his peers & customers it kept him busy but he got a new shift mgr who began who made him very nervous bc he wasn’t moving fast enough for him He began cutting 20-25 hr to 8 hours (4 hrs/day) It cost him more money to commute than what he was he making My son finally quit but not w/o telling his mgr off (a no-no) but the anger built up bc he felt like he just couldn’t do anything right He worked 8 mos. & hasn’t worked since He seemed like he was anger to find another position but couldn’t find one he feels is interesting to him He did manage to find some freelance work-acting in an independent film but that lasted 2 mos & didn’t pay much, nonetheless,he enjoyed it! I didn’t even have to wake him up when there were early shootings, but who knows if & when he’ll ever get that opportunity again & what he can do in the mean time He’s 19 & did not want to back to go to college I realize I’m not answering your question specifically; this more of a msg to let you know you’re not alone & I understand I guess we’re both hoping for someone to offer any suggestions

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      My fiance has ADHD and he has a degree in computer science. He is doing what he loves to do, and in the future may be able to do his job from home to avoid his long commute. He is well paid for what he does.
      Perhaps a therapist could help you? I don’t know if cognitive behavioral therapy could help with this…
      There has to be an answer for you, I wish I had one. Everyone has to work, unless they inherit money or win the lottery. Jobs can’t always be on edge of your seat exciting on a daily basis, that is true even for people who love their jobs. I hope you are able to find something that challenges you and keeps you engaged.

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      Same here. I’ve found it very challenging to balance needing to be not bored with not stressed. Personally, if you have a higher education, I’d say stick with that direction and look for the right environment where you can work with your manager to manage the stress and develop techniques to handle it. Yes this is a lot to ask in some fields, but it sounds like you have useful skills that will be very advantageous in the right place. You may need to be proactive and challenge yourself in your job to make it rewarding, rather than expecting the job itself to challenge you. Good luck!

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      My diagnosis coincided with being laid off from an office job that felt like prison to me. I fully feel your pain regarding finding the balance between fulfilling work, boredom and stress management. I almost feel like stress and dread become the motivational crutch that kept me functioning in a field that didn’t fit me. I’ve been struggling since then to set and follow a new path. In the mean time I’m doing jobs I find easy and stress free (for me that tends to be low-key customer service jobs and part time physical labor type jobs). I try to allow myself the space to explore possibilities while searching for a fit, but it feels like an impossibly long road. You’re not alone. Thanks for sharing.

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