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      I can’t seem to remember a majority of my childhood before age 11. I just always thought this was normal until I heard a lot of people talk in detail about their childhood. Does anybody else with ADHD have this problem?

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      I remember some things but not nearly as much about my childhood as my wife remembers about hers. Of course, this didn’t stop at the end of childhood.

      Embarrassing incident: I went to a 40th class reunion and there was a women there that remembered me in great detail. I didn’t even recognize her name. I went back and looked at her photo in the yearbook (she had changed a lot and for the better) and then vaguely remembered her, and the crush I had had on her. Oh well.

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      I think we have more emotional thoughts than event oriented ones. So it’s hard to remember a lot of details. I can’t remember much about interactions and situations with other people, but I can easily remember objects and some frequent locations. Old bikes, trikes, skateboards and scooters. Outdoor toys like the frisbee, hula hoop, slip n slide, and the deadly water wiggle. All the different plants and trees in the backyard. An old photograph will immediately bring back all that physical stuff, but memories of events seem to be very short lived and not that interesting.

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      Glad you asked this. I’ve always wondered wth happened to me that caused me to block out so much of my childhood, my 2 sisters remembered a lot more than I did, and with more detail. My childhood wasn’t great, but it wasn’t so bad that I needed to dissociate. I guess because we have “interest based” nervous systems a lot of it was just not interesting enough to remember ? Not sure how that works to be honest.

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      Wait, you mean childhood is actually a real thing that people go through?

      Yeah, I have a good memory for things I’ve learned with interest, but the memory of my life events is very poor. I only remember emotionally potent events. I haven’t lived in the town I grew up in since I was 18, and when former school mates try to friend me on Facebook, I have no idea who they are. I thought they all hated me, so I never bothered to remember any of them.

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      Hi sorry for a strange question,but just want to how do you guys feel about the things which you have done in impulsivity to your primary caregivers n friends ..

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      I am new to this site but I admit that I’m very happy I ran agross it. I don’t feel like I’m crazy anymore. I also have little memory of my childhood. My friends talk about growing up in such detail and here I am dumbfounded. Always praying they don’t ask me anything about my childhood. I often wondered what was wrong with me because I can only remember certain situation centered around negative emotions. But after reading what you all have shared….I don’t feel alone and worried. Thank you for sharing.

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      My kids would ask for bedtime stories about my childhood which they very much enjoyed, but I remember I would have trouble coming up with stuff. One time my daughter said, we love your stories, but they are all so sad. I realized she was right, the only stuff I could come up involved something somewhat traumatic and exciting. Not that I had a horrible childhood, I just can’t seem to remember any of the good stuff, except in very brief glimpses, nothing to build a story around. So then I made up that I used to be part of a German boy band called Bratwurst and made up adventures around that, those almost feel more real now 🙂

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      the dancer

      I remember my childhood, I feel fortunate, these memories have helped me through the years: the spaces I was in (the big people) the sensation of certain things like climbing trees, making mud pies with actual mud (not eaten), playing soccer, movements on the balance beam (gymnastics), drawing, feeling happy, angry, destructive, cheeky etc.

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      Other people have this issue as well! I can only remember memories from certain times in my life before I was 11. I have no memory of playing outside and having fun with my best friend we’ll it’s like snippets of memories, like things we did or said. I don’t even remember all the times I stayed over at my Gran’s house when I was younger. She had a stroke and was never the same. All I can remember is the way she acted and the way she talked. Basically what I remember is information like things somebody has said or done. Like I can talk about it all day long but I have no picture to go with the memory. I hate having no pictures to go with a memory.

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      I have limited memories of anything that happened before I was about 10 years old, especially when it comes to school. I really struggled in school before the “middle school” kind of grades, so maybe I just blocked it out.

      Outside of school, I think most of my early memories are very emotional ones and even they are fuzzy. My wife, on the other hand,
      can remember really mundane things from her early childhood in amazing detail. It kind of drives me nuts!

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