Can UTI kill you?

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      During the time I went abroad for a social dating tour, I seemed to have symptoms of UTI. It would start to burn when I pee and my genitals would start to hurt from time to time. I’ve done some research on the effects and cures but since mine just comes and goes, I decided not to get it checked. It’s been four months now and the burning sensation has not yet subsided. It still comes and goes even if I’ve been on water therapy. Is it because of what I ate or drank during my trip abroad? If so, could it be something else other than UTI causing these symptoms? Should I even get it checked?

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      Have it checked, it is a simple dipstick test. UTIs can travel through the body to the kidneys, which is a problem.

      It could be a venereal infection, in which case – get it checked.

      Anything that hangs around this long must be looked at, please!

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