Can I alternate meds for 7 yr old?

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      Hi, I am new here and desperate for support. I am realizing that I need it and should have pursued it a long time ago.

      I have a 7 year-old diagnosed with ADHD at 5 1/2. She is on Methylphinidate 27mg and Guanfacine 1mg. She was also prescribed a short acting stimulant for those afternoon meltdowns, 10mg ritalin. We eliminated the ritalin for various reasons one being her appetite.

      Like clockwork, everyday, we give her the 27mg in the morning after breakfast. She barely touches her lunch, then Guanfacine after school. She will eat a bit right after school and no appetite until 7:30pm At this point she is starving and she will eat a good meal.

      So my question is, on weekends and holidays only, can i give her the 10mg ritalin only, 3 times a day between meals and go back to the 27mg Methylphinidate while in school. Will it hurt anything? I appreciate your input.☺

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      You can ask your child’s doctor, of course, but swapping the long acting methylphenidate for the short acting should not cause any issues as long as the dose is right. Ritalin is methylphenidate, so it’s the same medication just short acting vs long acting. The one problem is it may cause more of a “crash and burn” effect vs a long acting that levels things out a bit.

      I would still give the guanfacine on the regular schedule.

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      Penny Williams

      It’s possible, but you need to discuss this with her prescribing doctor and only make changes under his or her supervision and care.

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