Can he have Asperger's too?

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    Penny Williams

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    My 14 yr. old son just finished 8th grade at a large public school.  This year was fraught with problems with other kids at school.  He either misread social cues or the kids just bullied him.  The school did nothing to help us even though we reached out and so did our son’s therapist.

    He is “officially” diagnosed with ADHD and Anxiety since 5 years old.  On Concerta and Zoloft.  His anxiety is high.

    He is only interested in computers and technology.  He does not play sports unless we sign him up (he does ice hockey and tennis).  We are struggling as parents to connect with him.  He does not listen when we try to give him advice, he thinks he knows.  He is in honors program at school.  Very smart, but the large school he went to was too overstimulating.  Hallways too crowded.

    He has 2 choices for high school, a public (70 students per grade) school that focused on STEM and project based learning or an online high school.  He is a very picky eater and likes junk or chicken nuggets.  He has some sensory issues.  He has 3 good friends but we have to invite them over for them to hang out.  Any thoughts?

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    Dr. Eric

    Absolutely, but there is a ton of overlap in presentation with the current diagnoses, so make sure whichever professional is considering the possibility puts a lot of effort into a good differential diagnosis and is not just collecting labels because they look similar.

    At the end of the day, the treatment plan or accommodations wouldn’t really change radically with the additional diagnosis if he is being seen by someone who has a good handle on his strengths, challenges, and what does/doesn’t work.

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    Penny Williams

    He can absolutely have Asperger’s too. My son does. Was diagnosed at age 12, even though he had an ADHD diagnosis for 6 years by then. Social issues just like you describe were part of what lead me to pursue the possible addition of autism.

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