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      Hey there,

      I work in a digital marketing company in Ontario. One of my team members looked sad always. Even though we tried to find out the reason, our efforts were in vain. But recently, she has some noticeable changes. She looks happy and energetic. When enquired we came to know about the essential oil mood-changing necklace. That was a new knowledge for me. How can this be possible? She said she bought this from an essential oil supplier in Ontario.

      But I must say there is much difference in her mood. Is it really possible? How can essential oil do all this magic? Has anyone tried this before? Is it effective? Share your knowledge.


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      Penny Williams

      Some have success with oils, some do not, and some even have an aversion or allergies that prevent use. The only way to know if it can help you is to try it.

      Essential Oils

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      Dr. Eric

      Essential oils are huge with the staff at the schools that I work with…
      Being Dr. Evidence-Based-Practice, I did a survey of all of the essential oils users on staff.
      Here were my findings.

      100% satisfaction with anything that was subjective and not able to be objectively measured (mood, sense of wellbeing, stress, etc.)

      0% effective for anything that can be objectively measured (blood pressure, reduction in # of sick days, etc.).

      Here is my favorite reference on essential oils.
      Using Essential Oils – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 33

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