Can anyone relate? Do you think i'd get diagnosed with ADHD?

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      Hey guys! I’m 15 years old and in freshman year of high school, I’m a tomboy, and I suspect I have ADHD. I’m SUPER SUPER hyper and really impulsive. I hate sitting in classes for a long time, I always feel so restless inside of me. It’s like I can run around the whole school 20 times. I always tap my feet, bounce my leg up and down, fidget with a pencil or my fidget cube. I can never not be fidgeting. In the classes I find SUPER boring,I daydream and then the teacher is like “OK start on your tasks class.” and I have no idea whats happening because one thought popped into my head and took over. SO then i’m just sitting there stupidly, not knowing what to do. SO I have to ask my table mates constantly, and they get fed up with me. Also I’m soooooo bad at math. I’ve been horrible at it since first grade. I had just taken a math test this week and I literally just stared at the page, not knowing what to do. My teacher was so disappointed in me, and I felt ashamed. In math I daydream so much, I get distracted by my friends, its not working for me. DO you guys relate? I’ve first noticed my symptoms in October. My middle school was a Montessori school so we got to move around and choose different things to learn that we wanted to do. So the switch to high school being in long classes and sitting for along time, maybe be having an effect. Do you think its ADHD?

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      Feels like ADHD.
      Though I have great friends at school so they don’t mind me. I’m also always getting distracted. Like right now, i’m supposed to be be studying chemistry.
      I always bloody jump around – either in the physical world or in the mental one.
      Im in a good mood, so Ill just say have fun. If i were in a bad mood i would have said that it’s a messed up life, but hey, that’s not important.

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      Penny Williams

      Could be ADHD. Talk to a parent or guidance counselor about your concerns.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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