Can anyone recommend someone for private diagnosis in the Uk?

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      I am increasingly convinced that me and my son have ADHD. I need to be able to help my son who’s just started secondary school but feel I can’t as I have many of the same problems!
      I need to speak to someone urgently about this as it is making me anxious & depressed.

      Can anyone recommend someone in Uk, south east who can help? Ideally I would like to find an Adhd coach rather than a general counsellor. I do have private healthcare through work although I’m not sure this would cover seeing a psychiatrist for adhd.

      If anyone can help I’d really appreciate it as I’m feeling so low.

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      I don’t know if they do official diagnosis, and I know you said you wanted a coach however this counselling group GroOops is specifically for people with people with dyslexia and associated neurological conditions such as ADHD Autism OCD ect.

      There link is:


      They have a enter in North London buy also offer Skype appointments.

      They also have a lot of different counsellors for different price bands.

      I have had appointments with the main counsellor Penny because when I looked her up I really liked all of her experience and training.

      They really know their stuff and I honestly think its a really good service.

      I would highly recommend contacting them as they are extremely helpful and of they aren’t the right fit might be able to point you in the right direction.

      I am unsure if you are going to go the private or NHS route, either way make a list of symptoms you and your son have from this website and take them to the GP as soon as possible because in some places in England the wait for an ADHD assessment is 6 years for an adult. (I was quoted this but got it in 6 months because I had waited a year for an autism assessment first)

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      I had a consultation with Helen Read from ADHD consultancy in south London. If the link below doesn’t work just use google.


      Can’t recommend her highly enough. She really seems to ‘get it’, especially for adults.

      I have been on something of a journey. Lots of the problems my son was experiencing at school were horribly familiar – made me do a lot of reading and seek out some help for myself. Faced with a 20-month waiting list I decided to go private. I’m still working through all this, but it is sooooo good to start to understand there was a reason for all of my challenges all along.

      Like the book title says – “You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?!”

      Do lots of reading, start with anything by Ned Hallowell. Even listen to his podcasts on here.

      You will help yourself by seeking out “Hallowell and Ratney’s Suggested Diagnostic Criteria for Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults”

      You can find this list if you search using google and google books.

      If nothing else there is a list within The New Strong-Willed Child By James C. Dobson which is basically the same but with a bit less detail. You can read that using google books. Look for page 230

      If any/all of that looks uncomfortably familiar go and get a proper diagnosis – it’s important to get a good diagnosis from an expert. It might not be ADHD.

      Good luck!

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      I have a very similar question and wanted to click the links in the answers, but they are not visible. Does anyone know how I can see them? Thank you!

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        Penny Williams

        Click the word “Home” in each of the posts – those are hyperlinked.

        ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      I used psychiatry UK and due to long wait times in my area, it was funded by the NHS.

      As soon as funding was approved, I was seen, re-diagnosed and on medication within 4 days.

      There’s a page on getting private funding on their site.

      I’m from the North West.

      Let me know if you’ve any questions or I can help in any way.


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      I have been diagnosed a few times by psychiatrists, in London. They arent people you really want to chat to but they do get you on the meds. You can just pick one as long as they know what they are doing – they dont do counselling.

      But recently I went through Babylon, the online NHS GP to get an NHS referral & amazingly after less than 6 months got one. I went to a hospital in North West London (no counselling there, but it is an ADHD unit), got the meds twice & then they passed me back to Babylon so now its the same as anything else – I do a GP appointment through the app & they do the prescription. Im on Elvanse too so Im not being fobbed off with ‘alternatives’. They even put me on higher dose at the hospital – & the Elvanse 30mg was £100 a month. I dread to think what the 50mg would have costed.

      So I would say go private but apply to the NHS at the same time. If your GP doesnt get it then join Babylon & if the first doctor you speak to isnt helpful then do another consult a few days later. I did mine at night, & got a very understanding (& rather handsome) American doctor. If you have a formal diagnosis its easier for them though & a private doc will give you one on the spot.

      Of course everyone wants to get into the Maudsley, but one of my private docs is a consultant there & he says its damn nearly impossible. I also dont think anyone doing standard counselling is much help. I did ‘therapy’ a few times & it was a waste of money & actually rather depressing. They just do not underrstand it though they think they do.

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