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    Does anyone use a planner or date book they would recommend? I have tried Day Timer, Planner Pad, Pandaplanner, etc etc and I just can’t find one that fits my needs. Any recommendations out there? Do you all still use physical planners, or have you all gone online/digital? Thanks!

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    A little of both. It’s easy for me to get more disorganized using more complex phone/pc apps.
    Calender and simple task list is in my phone. I still like a paper notebook or legal pad for random notes etc.

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    I exclusively use a digital calendar. I use my Google calendar which I reference on my Smartphone through a widget and the calendar app. I set reminders, track appointments, color code certain commitments, etc. The hard part is being consistent about entering in the information. I like it because I can determine how often to receive reminders and I can also included notes about the appointment and the address or location. It’s a great way for me to keep track. But, it requires consistency.

    My providers know that I’m in the habit of entering in appointments at the end of our sessions. I do still ask for physical cards as well as reminders since that helps me too to have it in my wallet as a backup. More for my anxiety than anything else.

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    Bullet Journal. The thing about a calendar/planner is that it takes a long time to get used to using it. I’ve been trying for a few months and there are still days I don’t use it. I learned that change is hard for humans, and I think for us ADHD folk it’s harder. It’s like trying to turn a ship going at full speed in the water, very slow.

    If you have a system you kind of like but put it down, pick it up again. Don’t think all or nothing but start small. Put lists down like “start the washer with sheets” or something small, instead of just laundry (as an example). Put down 3 things a day, even if you have more, and you will find yourself getting used to using it more to the point where you eventually are using it full time.

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    May I ask what your needs are? I personally use a paper calendar/diary for appointments, deadlines, locations, items to take with me, birthdays etc., and a Panda Planner to plan my week and day in more detail. Next to that I have a digital calendar to remind me of birthdays and the app todoist.

    It’s a lot, but I’ve got a setup that works for me now. What’s important is that you find something that works for you and keep at it (it’s hard and I still slip up). Make whatever you choose to use the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see before going to bed etc. A bullet journal is highly customizable and If you identify your planner needs it may very well be the tool for you! Just don’t look on pinterest πŸ™‚

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    Dr. Eric

    I have gone digital …
    Google calendar becasue it is what we do at work., like Asana for To-Do list.
    I use Evernote for lists because it syncs on all devices, but also leaves a local copy if you don’t have internet.

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    I am only using a paper book, as writing things down really helps me structure and remember. I have tried TONS of different planners and have not really found anything that is suiting my needs. I love all the thoughtful, mindfulness, productive, etc… content of many planners but quickly realise that on a day to day basis this is overwhelming for me. So for now I have settled on 2 basic needs: having a one page with the days of the week for appointment, etc… and then the other page as a place to jot down to-do list. I used something equivalent to the moleskine weekly planner ( last year, but this year I have more appointments and things to do, so I created my own template and I am using more of a bullet journal type, but with preset pages for the monthly and weekly (

    I have a separate perpetual calendar for birthdays, so I don’t need to write it down every year again….

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    I have a whiteboard in my kitchen for everything I need to get done. I generally do a big weekly braindumo then add or remove as I think about them. I also have a notebook in my purse and use notes on my phone for anything I forget to add.

    I also have a shared Google calendar with my husband. So that we can co-ordinate schedules/appointments.

    Work same thing – whiteboard for my brain dump, notepad for when I am in meetings or I need to pick items to focus on.

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