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      Mrs 6ft2

      I guess i was wondering mothers who are might be experiencing ADHD did you feel breastfeeding a struggle it got me wondering was breastfeeding for three months and feel that my level of concentration to sit and feed my baby rather channeling anyone one had a smilliar experience or iguess i wanted to to help a mum in her breastfeeding journey

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      I am not a mother but this is interesting information.

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      Yes I’ve experienced that. How old is your baby? With my infant, I would set up a nursing nest or two in comfy spots with magazines, drink, and snacks ready. Pillows (doesn’t have to be a ‘boppy’ or specific nursing pillow) helped me prop up the baby and gave me a free hand to hold a book or something. Also listened to audiobooks and podcasts. But I also mnjrsed her while doing everything else. I had these kangaroo pocket shirts, and a carrier and sling, any of which allowed baby to nurse while I was on the go.
      Now I’m nursing a toddler and she seems just as impatient and distractible as I am which is frustrating. I can’t nurse while walking around. I find myself wanting to settle in with my cozy supplies but that doesn’t really work anymore, so I scroll my phone a lot and get annoyed at her when she pops on and off and squirms around. TRYING to have the phone out less and see these as the last few chances to pause and focus on her…

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