Brain fog is back?

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      I was diagnosed with ADD nearly ten years ago because I was performing badly at university exams despite studying a lot. Of course, my ADD story doesn’t start there but the first time I felt overwhelmed was when I started college. I began taking 20-30 mg of Ritalin when studying and attending classes and performed very well for the rest of my grade studies. Brain fog was certainly cleared but on very rare occasions it came back, for example, during a cold or flu or even without an apparent cause. It was really frightening because on those occasions Ritalin seemed to have reduced strength to fight against ADD. Eventually, I returned to normal after a few days and everything was fine. After graduating with excellent grades, I started a Ph.D. and now I’m in the process of writing my thesis. The thing is that brain fog came back now and does not look like it’s going to leave. That is really frightening particularly at this moment when I need of my full mental capacities. The reasons for this fog can be stress, anxiety or even the boredom of spending 10-12 hours writing every day. But, I also think that perhaps after all this time Ritalin is being less effective. Maybe I need to increase my dose of Ritalin, just until I finish my thesis. I wonder what are the experiences of people that have been on Ritalin for so long. Does the fog come back intermittently? It is related to moments of stress? What do you do to overcome those moments of difficulty?

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      Penny Williams

      You are right: could be stress, could be that your medication is working for you anymore, or could be a loss of stimulation/monotony of task. Chat with your prescribing doctor about this and see what he/she suggests.

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