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      Does anyone have suggestions for the following… Once I start adding routine to my day, week, month I start to get bored. typical morning routine- brush my teeth, in the shower out with the dogs, drive to work. Lunch time- walk for one hour come back and eat lunch at desk etc. It all feels so underwhelming, boring, blah. I am on ADHD meds, but I feel like I am lacking the stimulation I need when I set a routine. Any suggestions welcome.

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      Sorry I can’t be of any help, but I relate FULLY!! I can’t make a routine for anytbing because my brain HATES routine!! It’s immediately too boring by the 3rd or 4th day. I would rather live spontaneously and can find some success with that. It at least can provide some motivation sometimes because I’m more attentive and devoted to something “new, spontaneous.” But know you’re not alone. I see so much written about how ADHD thrives with routine and structure, but NOT mine!

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      Penny Williams

      Boredom is a common problem for individuals with ADHD. Your brain craves stimulation. Are there ways you can spice up your routine with some stimulation? A different exercise instead of walking? Something like that? How can you change things up, but still get everything done and on time?

      Here’s more on busting ADHD boredom:

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      I have a huge boredom problem but am a very competitive person. So i turned my natural competitiveness in to a silent mind game i play at work. I am a medical coder so i time myself coding charts and then try to beat my time. I also have some fidget toys at my desk and have unlimited access to the Internet so when i need stimulation i take a two minute vacation to a beautiful beach by looking up beaches on the internet. When something pops into my head i want to know about i look it up on the computer. These brief moments of stimulation actually help me get back to work If i need a laugh i google pictures of funny animals. Sometimes I go hide in the restroom for a few minutes and meditate on something I am passionate about. My boss even let’s me listen to pandora radio with my earbuds all day long. Although it wouldn’t seem kikely, I am much more productive now.

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