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      Anyone feel overwhelmingly bored with life and almost existent as a person?

      I have full-time job so i work all day and then i have responsibilities when i get home (that i never get to as i just sit on my phone) when i have days off i have the urge to do something and anything with my day and i never do and i go through this cycle consistently. It leaves me feeling down about my life and i feel stuck in concrete and i cant move forward with life. Anyone struggle with this and is it ADHD related?

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      Try creating small goals in your time off. Things that you can see as achievements toward bigger goals. I am working on this. I have a list of things to do with checkboxes. I keep going back to remind myself what I had planned and then also can see things I have achieved. Motivates me to get more done for me as I feel good about something I needed to do and I did it.
      Small things add up.

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      Penny Williams

      There are some strategies to stave off boredom in this article:

      Beat Boredom and Get More Stuff Done Today

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Anna Martin

      Yes, people do get bored of life. It’s a psychological trap you can build for yourself. But it’s one you can walk out of, if you work at it. You can decide to be interested in something, and you can decide to enjoy doing it. Pick some things that you’re good at, or at least that is less distasteful than others, and focus on them for a month.

      Do them whenever you can, and reinforce to yourself any enjoyment you find. Look out for anything that creates a flicker of interest and protect and feed it like you would a glowing ember with which to start a fire.

      What you’re trying to do is to tear down the mental model you’ve built where nothing is enjoyable and replace it with one where at least a few things are. It’s hard work because you’re fighting against something you’re already quite heavily invested in, but it’s worth persevering.

      If you stick at it, you may surprise yourself with where you are in a few weeks.

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      Yes. Yes, I feel like that often.

      I’m not going to give you any supposed ‘life hacks’ nor tell you you need to do X, Y or Z nor refer you to this talk or that ‘life coach’ or the other article with ‘Seven tips that may surprise you…’ or any such guff. Nor will I lie to you and tell you it gets easier, necessarily, though at times it tends to — usually of its own accord, in my experience. A bit like the weather. But such pat answers will just waste your time. You’ve heard them all before. They all make the same fundamental error: they presume YOU can and will do these things. Ironically, for a site that purports to help people with a motivational disorder this place is overloaded with articles premised on self-motivation and positive thinking and similar nonsense. Most of which is pretty useless for any of us who find ourselves stuck. Sometimes medication/therapy helps. But geez! What an expensive, frustrating, confusing deprssing experience it can be to stumble upon the right drug regimen and the right doctor and the right therapist… Some find drugs life-changing. I haven’t.

      I don’t have any advice to offer. I have only solidarity and sympathy. I hear you.

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      I wouldn’t say I’m bored more overwhelmed I feel like I never get to breath I am always frazzled trying to keep up everyday demands plus keep up with my hobbies. It’s exhausting

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      Oh yeah. Advanced society breeds distraction and compliance which is super boring. It has been my experience that life is largely either super boring or utterly frustrating. Congrats for being able to work full time.
      Finding things to do is not hard. Finding things to do that I give a sh*t about is much more challenging.
      I dunno. I am a High IQ ADHD. I feel like this definitely contributes to the boredom. Maybe it has to do with understanding most things but know that it would be a huge effort for me to move forward with it, so. . .I just wallow in nothingness instead. I have a buddy with similar issues. We both say that being stupid would be a welcome change to life.

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      This is me every day, every single day. I’m at work all day and my mind fills up with all these things I need to do at home, so I write down like everyone suggested to do, and guess what happens when I get home!? Nothing at all, I do none of the things that are on the list. Then people want to say ‘well then it must not be so important to you or else you would get it done.’ I’m just on my phone looking at stupid stuff that really mean nothing. So then I sit their bored out of my mind, thinking I need to do something, anything to get me out of this funk I’m in and or whatever, but no I continue to sit their everyday. I just get frustrated and put myself in a dark hole of emptiness, boredom, annoyed, anxiety. Basically feels like your losing your mind because you want to do these things but like something (don’t know what it is) just won’t let you.

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      I have this issue and comorbidity with depression and anxiety. I started (but not finished) reading an easy to read book called Atomic Habits. The one thing I have taken out of it so far is to make small changes. My change was to get up and make the bed every day. That is an accomplishment in itself! I also started substitute teaching. It gets me up a couple of days a week. (I have been unemployed for a while and am looking for full time work).

      I would encourage one day at a time and thinking about small accomplishments.

      I still have many days on my phone…

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