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    Anyone feel overwhelmingly bored with life and almost existent as a person?

    I have full-time job so i work all day and then i have responsibilities when i get home (that i never get to as i just sit on my phone) when i have days off i have the urge to do something and anything with my day and i never do and i go through this cycle consistently. It leaves me feeling down about my life and i feel stuck in concrete and i cant move forward with life. Anyone struggle with this and is it ADHD related?

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    Try creating small goals in your time off. Things that you can see as achievements toward bigger goals. I am working on this. I have a list of things to do with checkboxes. I keep going back to remind myself what I had planned and then also can see things I have achieved. Motivates me to get more done for me as I feel good about something I needed to do and I did it.
    Small things add up.

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    Penny Williams

    There are some strategies to stave off boredom in this article:

    Beat Boredom and Get More Stuff Done Today

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