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      I am inattentive add, (Very inattentive add) I perform in the bottom 1 percentile without medication so I take a lot of adderall
      I take an obnoxious amount of adderall daily, 60 – 80 mg per day, and because I am such an extreme case I feel my body could be very helpful to future research.

      Any suggestions on organizations that will use my brain to help understand the long term effects of stimulant medications and the general understanding of what ADD is?

      Just for perspective I’m not a junky who just takes adderall because it makes me feel good, I honestly cant stand taking it but without it I will zone out (or even without enough) while doing just about anything including driving, using a concrete saw, ect. I’ve attempted cutting down the dosages before as well as many other substitutes but it ends with me having some close calls, accidentally hitting myself with a hammer, just bad things (I don’t want future generations to be stuck in the same situation as me being forced to take a drug with so many negatives just to live their lives)

      I only take adderall instant release because it has been the only medication that I have found that will work consistently and I can still get enough calories on it by taking it strategically.

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      Hi SCrapDaddy,

      I nearly fell off my chair when I saw your topic about Body Donation!
      I thought I was the only one who thought like that/
      My deal is that thanks to a brain tumor removed at age eight, I have only half a cerebellum, which seems to cause hell with my executive functioning, not to mention a host of coordination and balance problems. I am 60(?!) and will always be 27 in my mind.
      But the reality of my age has made me wonder, as you do, about donating my brain for research.
      At least I could possibly accomplish that much in the last bit of my lifetime. (I was diagnosed ADHD at 50, but due to a psych who retired, and no money or insurance, so no ADHD meds, I am a big, fat ADHD mess right about now).

      I wish I could tell you how to go about donating your brain to research. I don’t know, but I am betting it is very likely you could do that, and be a big help to science. My thoughts on it were that I would just email some of the people who really understand ADHD, present them with the situation, and see what happens from there. I’m sure the ADHD experts get a zillion emails, but if we’re lucky, we’ll nab one who is interested/ Was thinking Daniel Amen, Edward Hallowell..

      Good Luck, and if you find out something, please post here about it!

      Great brains think alike!!

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