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      Hello, I’m 18 and have been on stimulants on amd off for about 10 years. I’ve always heard of alternative medications like antidepressants, antianxiety, etc. However, I recently was talking to a friend who takes a blood pressure medication for his Tourette’s and it helps his tics a lot. I fell into a rabbit hole and found some information about ADHD being medicated with blood pressure medications like guanfacine. I have a lot of tactile sensitivities as well and that has been one consideration of mine as well in looking to talk to my doctor about it as a possibility. If you take a blood pressure medication, how has it helped you focus, control impulses, and cope with hypersensitivities. Extra cool points if you have taken stimulants and can give a bit of insight into your experiences of the two and compare them 🙂 Thank you!!!

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      Penny Williams

      Guanfacine is commonly used for ADHD now, including it’s time-release version, Intuniv.

      Here are some user reviews of guanfacine:

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      Hey! I take a lot of medicine BUT it works quite well for me. I do take Clonidine (blood pressure med) for adhd and anxiety, along with vyvanse fofor adhd.

      I take other medications (lithium, Vraylar, Anafranil) for bipolar and OCD so that’s just my experience.

      I just wanna say that I find myself less anxious on Clonidine and with the vyvanse I feel focused. Idk how I focused I would feel with JUST Clonidine and no stimulant, but my combo works for me.

      Good luck!!!

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      They also can help lower some of the side effects of stimulant meds, especially sleeplessness and aggressive behavio. Some drugs normally taken for high blood pressure, like Kavpay and Tenex, may help control symptoms of the disorder.

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      Replying because I want to follow this discussion. I’ve been on Vynase & Wellbutrin for a few months now, but I need something else due to side effects including interrupted sleep. I was on Quetiapene, but significant orthostatic hypotension made me get rid of that.

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      My experience with guanfacine is fresh over the past month. Newly diagnosed at 64 with ADULT ADHD it has been a real eye opener. I have been diagnosed OR self diagnosed with at one time or another agoraphobia, anxiety, panic disorder, bipolar, BPD, Depression, and so on.

      I have tried many things and been treating under doctors supervision originally agoraphobia and panic attacks and now my situational anxiety with benzodiazepines for 40 years. I have also been taking Zoloft for 20 years and lamotragine for two years. I am not, especially, during these stressful times interested in this combo as it has helped and I have been taking them a long time. This makes me not a candidate for stimulate medication.

      I have a second home in Mexico where I could obtain Ritalin without a prescription. It helped a lot with my biggest problem RSD. Then we all had to come home and have been quarantining and unable to get more from my psychiatrist. She suggest guanfacine. My original reaction was this isn’t going to work. It’s a blood pressure medication FCOL. I have low normal blood pressure how could this benefit me? But without an option for Ritalin I figured I’d give it a go.

      I cannot stress how much it has helped me. It is like a light switch has been flipped. Rumination, hyper reactions of rage or withdrawal have abated. I am baseline so much happier, maybe because I’m not beating myself up for being mean. I was sitting watching TV tonight after a busy day with my granddaughters and cooking and I felt a feeling I almost had forgotten what it was. I thought about it and realized it was peace of mind and contentment.

      Wish I had known about this sooner. I would recommend trying it to anyone with RSD and anxiety. If you are one of the people it works for YIPPIE. It has a low negative side affect profile for me.

      I hope this story encourages people with RSD and anxiety issues related to ADHD to give guanfacine a try.

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      Dr. Eric

      This is a conversation for your MD.

      The students that I see who take these medications don’t do as well as those on stimulants, but they cannot take the stimulants due to side-effects or medical contraindications. They tend to work better than nothing, but not as well as stimulants. However, this is probably an unfair comparison because of the other medical issues at play compared to someone with ADHD alone.

      For example, a lot of my students whose ADHD appears to be caused by prenatal drug exposure often take the BP meds or antipsychotics (which basically just tranquilize them).

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      I was prescribed clonidine for tics by a specialist Tourette consultant. He told me it would help with my adhd also, which it does. I take atomoxetine for adhd also

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