Beta Blockers with ADHD Meds?

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      Hi all,

      My doctor recently prescribed me some Bisoprolol (lowest dose available to start) as I talked about ways to manage my anxiety when I take Vyvanse. I toyed around with the idea of Propanolol also, but I decided that I would rather have a medication that would last the whole day rather that have to take 3/4 pills throughout the day.

      Does anyone have any experience of using beta blockers with amphetamines as part of their ADHD medication? My only concern is that beta blockers may diminsh some of the impacts of Vyvanse, but I can’t be sure if that’s true. I’ve seen posts online about people who use Propanolol with Vyvanse and say that it works well for alleviating some of the side effects (high heart rate/anxiety), but nothing much on Bisoprolol.

      Many thanks!

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      Hi. I take metoprolol twice a day along with my Vyvanse and seem to do fine. I’m not aware of how it would work with bisoprolol, though.

      Good luck!

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