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      I was just wondering whether anyone else here has a pet peeve with being interrupted while talking or doing an activity you’re focused on. Today, I got really pissed off at someone who kept repeatedly interrupting me in a conversation and not letting me finish my thought. I find that I get extremely frustrated when I’m interrupted constantly in a conversation because I lose my train of thought or because I didn’t get to finish what I was saying. And when I get frustrated, it very quickly escalates to anger, and I just SNAP and go off on the person. I always feel terrible after I do that, and I usually try to apologize. I just hope I am not alone in this.

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      Omg yes I can completely relate to this! My biggest pet peeve in particular is when someone interrupts me when I am trying to read, listen to music or watching something on the TV. It takes SO much effort for me to focus on whatever I’m doing that this irrational anger-monster just explodes when someone breaks my concentration. It gets particularly bad when someone who is a friend or a family member interrupts me because they KNOW how hard it is for me to concentrate, and on some level it makes me feel like they don’t care about the struggle I go through just to complete a simple task.

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      I get very irritated when someone talks over me or interrupts.
      When I really blow my stack is when I’m hyper focused on something important, and people who should know better, interrupt and bring everything to a screeching halt, and I’m the one who’s screeching screaming and yelling at the one who interrupted me.
      I feel bad afterward, only when it’s someone I know, sorry but you should never bother a perfect stranger when they are obviously busy and not acknowledging your presence.

      You are nowhere near alone in this area, I’m pretty sure this goes hand in hand with A.D.H.D.

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      You’re speaking my language. This happens to me all the time and my rage knows no bounds.

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      This sounds exactly like me. Exactly. I have the same problem because it takes so much effort to get my thought together in the first place that being forced to start over is exhausting.

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      Me too. My wife has about had it. During the COVID lockdown, and work-from home, I have become too much to handle and I’m faced with a potential divorce. I’ve decided to cut alcohol completely out of my life and revisit my current medications (Adderall and Intuniv) and consider going back to Wellbutrin. I feel as though stimulant medication makes it worse. Not having a place to work combined with two daughters (each with ADHD) both in virtual learning equates to non-stop interruptions. I am so ashamed at myself and will be desperately seeking a new therapist ASAP. I feel for you all experiencing this during these challenging times. It is a nightmare and is tearing my family apart.

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      Yeah, I don’t take being interrupted very well either. Especially if I’m kind of “in the zone” with an activity or something. It’s hard for me to shift focus when I’m engaged, and I can be guilty of lashing out at my family sometimes. I always apologize and make sure I explain that breaking concentration really upsets me, and that I’m sorry for overreacting.

      Now if we’re talking about interrupting conversation, then I would be more likely to be the one interrupting or speaking more than my fair share. I’m still working on improving that lol. I’ve always got a lot of ideas and thoughts to share, so I’m working on trying to hold myself back a little. I hate being rude.

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