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      Has anyone brought their child to a therapist or counselor for help with behavior? How did it go? What advice would you have for someone starting down that path?

      My son is 11 with ADHD and ODD and has been on Intuniv ER for three years. We are going to begin therapy to help with some behavior and focus techniques (i.e. lying, hitting, etc). Just looking for some insight prior to starting.

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      My son visited a therapist once a month. It helped all of us, we were able to openly discuss issues and find a better way to communicate. It helped my son confront some of the impact his condition has on the family and together we learned methods to recognize our emotions and use techniques to help focus our reactions to the world around him. It also was a resource for coping and handling school behaviors and resources. Highly recommend.

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      We have been battling our insurance for coverage for Behavior Parent Training for a couple years. All of the research is clear that giving parents extra skills is one of the most effective strategies to supporting kids with ADHD. WE haven’t been able to access it yet, but are on a wait list and have been reading Taking Charge of ADHD which is what the most effective programs are based on. There is actually an incredible clinic directed by the author.

      Hope that helps and that you are getting the support you need.


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      We have had our son in therapy on and off for the past few years. He is currently with a new therapist and she seems to be having a good impact. He is 9 years old. I would say the biggest thing is the right fit. If you start with one and it doesn’t feel right, find another. Also, interview them beforehand without your son to get a feel for if they are the right person to handle the issues he is facing. Hope that helps! Good luck!

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