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      Good Morning!

      I’d love to hear any tips for getting my daughter a little better organized both initially and habitually vis-a-vis school. She attends a “newer” charter shcool and it’s in constant upheaval. Last year was their first year and they did EVERYTHING via computer (K12 with their own content) and it was blissful. No “gear changing” and she could get ahead and zone into it. Now they’ve been slapped by the state education board for not being “proficiency based” enough and now they’ve still got laptops but every teacher has their own system. It’s a mess…Some give lectures and they have to take notes, others give PDF handouts, etc. We’re tempted to pull her and home school via a nice neat intuitive online interface similar to K12. She’s taking a couple of dual enrollment college courses too (which we may have jumped the gun on … a little much to ask of her) so that’s making things a little tougher too. But here’s my plan … I’d love some feedback and ideas.

      1. Make sure she has the onboard versions of Google drive so she can save items and use them with and wihtout internet (we lose it often)
      2. Hold her accountable to save things intuively and NAME every file and have a consistent naming scheme. She has about 900 Untitled-document(123).doc in her folders with no subject folders)
      3. Start emailing me from school the minute she feels behind the 8 ball so I can research whatever subject / theme she’s on and be able to help her when she gets home.

      Thank you all.

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      You don’t say how old she is, but I presume High School if she’s taking dual enrollment courses? I don’t really have that much advice but I’ll share my experience with my son. He’s in middle school and keeps all written work on his iPad. I’ve tried till I’m blue in the face to get him to name and move docs to the Dropbox in organized folders and it’s just not his thing. He used a word processing app that names each file with the first few word on the document and everything is in one giant folder, but HE can find any file his needs quick as a bunny so I’ve stopped trying. His way seems to be working for him. Everything in his world is this way 😂I’ve organized his books and video games for him 100 times and every time I do, in the blink of an eye he moves everything back to what in my mind is total chaos, but he seems to know exactly where everything is lol. Maybe reinforce that she needs some sort of system, but let her figure out what system works for her brain. If she has files that are no longer needed maybe you help her clear out that clutter, and subsequently help again at the end of each semester to delete/clear out any files no longer needed but leave the working docs up to her to organize? Perhaps just setting up folders by class subject will be enough to get her started and then the can take it from there?I’ve had to check my own super organized tendencies at the door when it comes to helping him and accept that his way is completely different from mine but it’s working for him so as long as he isn’t struggling to stay organized I just go with it.

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      BRLK, thank you, this is actually quite helpful. I forget sometimes that despite how crazy something might look to me, it might just work for her! She is a junior in High School, 16 years old, by the way. Sounds like you’ve got your head wrapped around things pretty well.

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      Penny Williams

      I’m with @BRLK — my son uses an iPad for almost everything at school to try to combat lost and missing work as much as possible (9th grade). Every teacher uses different online tools and different websites and it’s a nightmare. I can’t keep up with it to help my son and I’m uber organized. So, how in the world is a kid with zero executive functioning going to keep up with it.

      He doesn’t label his “papers”/files, and I’ve tried a million times to try to get him to. He started using the OneNote app this year, and that has actually helped him organize the “papers”/files a whole lot more than he did on his own. He has “notebooks” in OneNote for each class, and then sub-notebooks on each one, 1 labeled worksheets and 1 labeled notes.

      My only complaint about OneNote for student use is that there’s no to-do list or flagging, or reminder functions. Those additions would make it PROFOUNDLY useful for kids like ours.

      Make sure she has a hand in planning whatever organizational method you come up with. If it doesn’t make sense to her or she doesn’t have any buy-in, it won’t make a difference.

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