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      I have 2 boys,ages 8 and 6.My oldest has been diagnosed with ADHD and is high functioning autistic.My youngest was also diagnosed with ADHD.They see a therapist and are both on the same meds that were working okay for a while but there behavior in school isn’t exactly where i would like it to be.There not bad kids,its mostly talking,constantly making noises,running…obvious issues of a child with ADHD,as if driven my a motor.And lately at home it has been going down hill as well,getting ready of a morning is a struggle,i have to follow behind them to make sure they stay on task.I hate to keep raising the dose on the medication but we have tried time out,taking things away,etc…NOTHING WORKS!! Has anyone found a checklist/reward system that work or at least make things a little easier?

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      I literally came on this forum for the EXACT same thing! SIGH 🙁
      My son is almost 6 and he has ADHD and we wonder if possible Autism. He has been uncontrollable at school.
      The other day he pulled a boys pants down in the middle of the classroom! pants and underwear ugg.
      When we ask him why or probe for details all we receive is a blank stare.
      We are constantly upping his meds.. have added an additional med to go with the first one.
      It’s so frustrating! Another huge problem we have is his screaming! screaming bloody murder when he doesn’t get his way.
      I can be standing outside trying to get him to come in and he will just scream or run off! and believe me, I have spanked this child! nothing.
      I am thinking we need to try the reward chart! I just printed off one and am going to try it.
      I’m desperate over here. 🙁 He is a child who loves cars and toys from walmart so I can probably get a chart with those rewards going for him.
      HUGS TO YOU!!!

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      Penny Williams

      First, work on changing your mindset. You cannot change the symptoms of ADHD because that is the way the ADHD brain works. Medication can help a lot, but it’s not going to fully change symptoms.

      Implement as much structure as you can. Post a family calendar. Have a 2-minute “meeting” with your kids each morning to let them know the day’s schedule and what to expect.

      10 Ways to Build a Healthy Routine

      Traditional parenting doesn’t work for kids with ADHD. All the punishment and taking things away in the world can’t change their brains. Instead, see the behavior as a symptom and figure out what’s causing the behavior. Only when you address the cause can you affect improvement. Ross Greene’s book, “Raising Human Beings” outlines this and a parenting approach that works really well for kids with ADHD.

      When my son was that age, I made a game card of sorts for mornings and it made a HUGE improvement. Here’s exactly how we did it:

      Wake Up and Smell the Calmness

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