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    My son is almost 11 years old, he has always had challenging behavior in school, last year he was suspended for the last 2 weeks of school and never got to go on his tour, the principal never believed him and this effected him massively, this year we have a new principal and in the last 3 weeks he has ran around the school in and out of windows and in a rage 3 times yesterday I was told he cannot come back to school. The issue is I don’t have these problems at home. I don’t know what to do? Does anybody know why he would do this in school and how I can stop it.

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    Anni @ ADDitude

    Hi there:
    It sounds like your son is in middle school – is that right? ADDitude has a lot of articles about school behavior but many of them apply to elementary school students. I think this would be an excellent question for our ADHD in Boys expert, Ryan Wexelblatt ( Do you mind if I share it with him? In the meantime, here are a few things you might find helpful…

    A Middle Years Guide for Students with ADHD

    You’re Going to Need Bigger Carrots: Middle-School Discipline Truths

    Fire and Ice: 4 Strategies for Dealing with Your Unpredictable Middle Schooler

    Dear ADDitude: What New Behavioral Strategies Can We Try?

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    Anni @ ADDitude

    One follow-up question: What is your son’s treatment plan?

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      Hello Anni
      Thank you so much for your response. I live in Ireland so I’m not sure if he is middle school but this is his 7th year to attend this school. I hope it’s ok to post here and try get support? I really appreciate all the info you have provided me and I look forward to reading it, I also would love if you could share this as I am so lost in what to do and my son is looking at losing a school placement. In Ireland our waiting lists are very long and we are waiting over 3 years for supports. He starts occupational therapy Friday and I privately paying for CBT starting next week. When my son does this in school I called and I have to go and remove him from school. His plan on school is 9am start he gets a movement break at 10am for 10 mins, lunch and 10.45am a sensory break at 12 in the classroom for 5 min lunch at 12.30 and a movement break again at 1.00 he finishes school at 2.45. He has being back in school around 3 weeks and most of this time he has had punishment of not being allowed play with his class on lunch breaks. Thank you again for all your help and support

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      Anni @ ADDitude

      Hi again:
      I absolutely love Ireland, but I understand the diagnosis and treatment protocols there might be quite different than what we are used to. Has your son been formally diagnosed with ADHD? It sounds like the school is making accommodations by providing the movement breaks you mentioned, but maybe this is standard for all students? Regardless, you mentioned CBT but I wonder if his doctor has spoken with you at all about medication options. Sometimes, symptoms do flare during puberty and many families find that they need new treatment strategies to keep the wheels on the bus.
      – Anni

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    Hi Allym87,
    I’m a Primary School teacher in Ireland and tbh really troubled hearing about what is happening in your son’s school. Based on the information you have given, my gut would tell me that the school are struggling to cater for your son appropriately. The It would be generally recommended to meet with the school – Principal, Class Teacher, SEN teacher, and possibly SNA if he has access, to discuss a way forward. If this brings no joy you may need to contact the SENO for the area (coordinator for SEN – Special Educational Needs) and see how he/she can help. The reality is some schools are out of their depth when it comes to dealing with some kids with Adhd and may themselves need external help. May I ask if the new principal was previously on staff or his he/she completely new to the school?
    It is also important to be aware that in Ireland, no student can be denied education which means that the school cannot legally expel your son unless he has another school to go to.

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