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      I was diagnosed with my disability at my older age. However, I lived all my life with my disability since in the 70’s they did not have the resources available to individuals with a disability, as they do today. I writing for individuals to hear my story and journey. I have a reading comprehensive/writing disorder and later I was diagnosed with ADD because of future testing. I have applied for 1241 job application since 2014 for jobs and been turned down. I have worked several jobs and have been let go because of my disability. I have work with DORS; however, one job would not let DORS come in access the area for accommodation. Another company I was working for got into a legal battle with DORS and would not DORS come in access area for accommodation. This has been a nightmare since companies need to train their HR departments properly or make them more sensitive to individuals who have a disability. Every company should have job coaches who can help individuals with disability get accommodations. I just recently had a court case with the administrative judge for my disability and the administrative judge was baffled to know I had filled out 1241 applications for jobs such as Mcdonalds, Amazon, and maintenance work etc, and was turned down. At the hearing, they had on the line a job specialist who gave case studies of jobs that I could work with my disability such as stacking shelves at night in a warehouse or packing books at a warehouse. To make things a little more complicated to my case, I have AAS degree in Business Management, BA in Gender Women’s Studies, and MA Pastoral Counseling Addictions/Recovery. These degrees obtained with accommodations.

      Just writing to see if anyone else has had such a journey as this one!

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      I’ve had a bit of a weird one, too… I haven’t been turned down from many jobs, but I find it really bloody hard to find work I can actually do without feeling like I’m crawling out of my own skin..! I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree, but I can’t do anything beyond private tutoring and working for the dogs at a nearby animal shelter. Not really complaining – I love the latter, but neither of them work financially and I get so frustrated I can’t do more at the moment. I feel your pain!

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