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      Surely it isn’t just me who has a nervous breakdown while trying to listen to & navigate those awful phone customer service menus?

      “For x press 1, for y press 2,” etc, etc.

      Usually I can press “0” to fast track to a human (who is usually irritated, and English may or may not be their first language- which brings it’s own set of listening complications) to get where I need to go…but not always. That 0 doesn’t always work! Sometimes I get stuck and I give up because I can’t do it!

      Seriously, these systems are not adhd friendly. How do other adhders do this?

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      Lol. I can totally relate. If “0” doesn’t work, I press another extension so they can transfer me to the right one. I loathe getting the run around and find customer service calls exhausting.

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      It’s annoying for me too. I also do not like answering to the automated question “Tell us what you’re calling about today,” because of my learning disability. It affects my speech and the system does not understand what I’m saying. I have anxiety talking on the phone overall. I will quickly explode if someone next to me is making even a little sound when I’m on the phone.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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