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      Hi everyone,
      I have a virtual assessment booked for 5th January. It’s been a pretty quick referral process for me as I only self referred in November 2020.

      I referred myself after a friend was diagnosed and suggested I might have it to, I didn’t do anything about it at the time but read up over the passed year. Since having some struggles at work managing time and organisation I started looking into ADD again and read articles, did some of the quizes on here and reflected back through my life and decided to refer as it all seemed to add up.

      I’m going to write down any questions that pop in to my head before the assessment so I don’t forget the.

      I’m hoping all you wonderful folks will have some advice on anything I should ask about during or think about before my assessment.

      I have filled in pre-assessment questionnaires.

      Thanks, Lottie

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      Penny Williams

      An evaluator will typically ask you to bring documentation from childhood, like report cards. It’s definitely a good idea to write everything down so you don’t forget to mention or discuss anything you wanted to.

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      Dr. Eric

      If you have to do any formal rating scales, (Never – Sometimes – Often – Always), always go with you gut answer and don’t overanalyze it. Otherwise, it will take forever to do, but it won’t make the results any better.

      Also, for that matter, just zen out and answer questions. Try to avoid analyzing the motivation behind a question or the implications of an answer.

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