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      My son, who is now 15, simply does not have an appetite. If not reminded, he wouldn’t eat at all. We have seen specialists but he doesn’t quite fit into a typical eating disorder diagnosis. Arfid is the closest, although, he is not put off by particular foods so much as he just doesn’t want anything. He avoids beginning a meal, wants to take it upstairs where he immerses himself in videos or the PS4, and puts off eating. He will stay up until 3am just to finish dinner. He tries to finish everything he is given, but it is a chore for him. He has seen an occupational therapist, no real advice, no tongue tie, no problems with chewing etc. He just doesn’t seem the least interested in food. I can’t quite figure out the “why”. We have a calm household and he has been seeing a tutor since he needs to be home to eat and sleep, given his resistance to both.

      He is not on any ADHD meds, he is on 100mg Sertraline. He is social, not particularly active, only wants to play games online. He is very small for his age and I am at a complete loss as to what to try next.

      Taking away games etc, just causes more anxiety and then he doesn’t want to eat at all. And no, given enough time, he wouldn’t eat, he would in fact starve himself. We have tried timers, no timers, reminders, more control, less control, smaller meals, favorite foods, you name it. He has never had a great appetite, but now it is just gone. Any advice or if anyone else has a similar issue, please chime in. Thanks.

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      Maybe his body isn’t requiring much if any food/nourishment because of his HIGH sedentary lifestyle.
      I’m surprised no medical professionals have addressed this issue.
      As an outsider, I’d can only recommend that you’d continue to allow video game play….
      ONLY IF he does some other physical activity for at least 30-60 minutes a day.
      Not saying that it has to be continually non stop activity. Maybe do activities in 20 minute increments for equal amount of play time.
      ie: 20 minutes of bicycling = 20 minutes of video games.
      With him in particular not being very active, depending on the activity, I’d start off with 10 minutes or less at a time to keep focus on the task, build up momentum & not exhaust, nor harm him. (10 min, 3 x’s a day)

      There needs to be balance. No child (or adult 😉) should be “allowed” to vegetate in front of electronics day in, day out.

      It’s summer time here, & actually this week has been BEAUTIFUL! I don’t know many, if any child/person who can resist swimming, be it indoors/outdoors, lakes, oceans etc…
      Following that activity also usually produces HUGE appetites.
      Just being outdoors can as well. Sunshine is a hormone, vitamin and mood booster.
      I could be wrong (in your home), but most rooms where video games are played aren’t exactly open aired & sunshiny! 😉
      I do hope your son regains an appetite soon.
      I’ll be keeping you all in prayer!
      Let us know how goes! God Bless! xoxoxo

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