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      I was diagnosed as ADHD on valentines day this year age 55… I can now see ADHD and all my friends are ADHD too, is this weird, is it just me or are your friends ADHD too? My kids are not diagnosed ADHD but they are.

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      Not weird. I’m also 55, a woman, diagnosed at 40. Pretty sure the only 2 friends I really kept in touch over the years with, have ADHD.
      I think that is pretty normal. They are the only ones able to relate to us and put up with our quirks! 😉
      My kids are now young adults and are diagnosed with a mix of ADHD and autism.
      I was told by a Doc that ADHD has been found to be highly highly heritable. So, your kids having it is not unusual either. You are not alone!
      Take care | Annette @itzaspec

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      ALL my favorite people are ADHD (or act like they are and don’t really know it…) I like hanging out with the ADHD people. I just look in the crowd for another person staring off into space happily or bouncing around like a happy puppy. 🙂 I know those are going to be my people.

      ADHD people are fun!

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      I have a daughter and son 31 & 23 both I now see have ADHD and have ADHD partners my brother’s X partner is ADHD, her new partner has ADHD she has sons, my nephews, one is ADHD and so is his partner, my most recent X is ADHD and I can count 10+ friends who are ADHD none of them are diagnosed and I’d never have said any of them were ADHD, well not until I knew what ADHD is, it has many guises lol, I was most shocked when I realised my daughter is ADHD I’d always thought she was so together.

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