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      Let me introduce myself:
      I am Marios from Greece, I am 31 years old and I have been diagnosed with ADHD since 22 years old and I started treatment of ADHD 3 years ago with Medication, Concentra.

      I have never been a good student all of my life. I remember that I was a bad student when I was in elementary & middle school. In high school I went to a technical school where I had technological lessons in Information Technology / Computers. Also, in the high school I went to, they send you on a daily job to get professional experience as well. I was 15 and I already had my first official job with my own salary.

      The lessons were so easy for me because I was always interested in computers, I had my own computer, I was doing my own experiments and I was already doing work on the professional level.

      I was also addicted to playing video games (especially Single Role Playing Games) , reading articles about technology, trying new software, countless hours of searching in Google for whatever I was imagining, speaking with other people on message boards, playing Massive Multiple Online Role Playing Games and many other things on the Internet.

      I was also studying English. English is not my native language so I had to go to an extra school in order to learn English. I was a so-so student, there were many times where I did not do my homework or my studies but my performance did not suffer because I was already speaking English in forums or I was learning English by playing Single Role Playing Games such as Final Fantasy VII / VIII / IX. I suspect that my addictions had caused me passive depression. Because I was always doing something interesting, I wasn’t being interested in Normal Life situations such as having many friends or girlfriends or I do not know what else.

      After finishing school, I did military service 1 year, continued my private school in English to get my English in a more advanced level and finished a Vocational Training School (1 year) where I had to study and give exams to finish it for getting a Professional Diploma.

      That was my first attempt in my life studying about something I didn’t like, the book was terrible and weird things and feelings were happening to me, so I went and asked a Psychiatrist who diagnosed me with ADHD after taking my full life history. Asking me and my mother for my behavior while I was in School, work, personal relationships etc. However those things did not happen to me when I had English studies.

      After the above, I worked for some years, I decided that I wanted to get better and decided to go to a University at the age of 25. Please note that in order to get in a University here in Greece, you have to give exams from the high school you finished and pass them with good marks.

      My exams were Mathematics, Programming, Greek Native Language (Writing an Essay or an Article) and Computer Networks.
      I went in a private school where I studied for some months.

      • In Mathematics I had also a very good friend who helped me (In my mind Mathematics are techniques and understanding symbols) and since he was my friend, I could learn so much easily because I enjoyed my time with him and his private lessons.
      • In Greek Native language, I struggled, I never liked Greek language lessons, I always found it boring.
      • In Programming I excelled because I could study for many hours and I had no trouble grasping the theory, techniques.
      • In Computer Networks I also struggled because I had to learn everything and recall everything.

      In the end my final exam scores were:

      • Mathematics: 163/200
      • Greek: 100/200
      • Programming: 194/200
      • Computer Networks: 136/200

      and I passed to a University in Industry Design and Production Engineering with focus on Robotics, remember I was 25 years old.

      When I first started studying at my University I didn’t like it. It was full of Physics and Mathematics and too much theory, almost everything was done with a paper and a pen. and I didn’t like it (mindset).

      At my first semester exams, I had a surgery so I missed them and after my surgery I suffered from tendinitis. I was suffering from my surgery and tendinitis added more suffering and I became depressed. So I skipped second semester as well, after that I had a relationship with a girl and moved on living together and started working again (26 years old).

      While I was working, I had in my mind that I haven’t finished my university yet, that my salary was not good, I will not get better or find a better profession and so I should get back to my university and finish what I had started. While my thinking was logical/emotional (it’s logic for some people to finish a university in order to become more evolved but for me it was emotional because I had desires and desires are emotional or feelings) and I had already broken up with my girlfriend.

      At the age of 28 years old I started my University again and I also started treating my ADHD with some seminars, medication and by reading articles. I was trying to understand myself better, increase my awareness and I was also a volunteer in an Non Profit Organization where we were helping schools, families, people, professional or anyone who wanted help with that condition.

      Now I am 31 years old, I’m still struggling getting my degree but I have much more experience, knowledge, I have read some books, articles spoken with other people etc, than I used to have and I am for a fact a better person and after all those experiences I have a better understanding of myself and I have noticed and I think that I am oversensitive, procrastinator, impulsive, selectively lazy, over-focused, over-excited, happy, self-educated, hyperactive and by doing some IQ tests, my IQ is 120-140, depending on how well I had rested and why I am yet, struggling getting my degree

      I am struggling because I have noticed the following:

      • I had trouble with sleeping all my life and I knew nothing about it.
      • Medication has helped me reduce impulsity and procrastination but it wasn’t enough
      • My studies are based on Mathematics & Physics on a University level so if I had never studied Mathematics and do not know the very basics I cannot solve Mathematics problems on a University level
      • Greek University Books are not good. They are badly written. They are neither for University or beginner students and also the give so much information without any examples. For example I was studying Electricity Laws (Ohm’s law) and in many solved exercises, (calculating Volts, Amperes, Resistance) the results in the book were wrong. How did I found out? I did the same circuit in Multisim (a simulation Electricity program)
      • My concentration on a course depends on how much I like the teacher. For example if my teacher is lazy or boring or very slow, I also become very slow, lazy or angry because my teacher is not doing a good job, I also don’t like it when teachers make mistakes in very simple things and after all that, I lose my interest on a course and I’m struggling to study it. However if my teacher is hyper active, quick, focused, analytical, I like his course and I can also pass it with flying colors, this has happened on the most difficult courses on my University and some students cannot believe me that I passed those lessons and I could not pass the easier ones
      • I am self educated, which means I also study as a hobby in things that I am interested. I can study many hours and I am able to recall many many things from the book I have read and I can also teach it to others.
      • Diet, after changing my diet, eating more healthy, eating more foods that help my neurotransmitters (such as oranges and broccoli for Vitamin C and Dopamine) I have a better mood, energy and stable feelings for studying.
      • Exercising actually has helped me tremendously on a normal level. However, there were periods were I was overdoing it without noticing, I was taking supplements and I was trying to study while I was exhausted and I had 0 focus or very confused feelings like crying and laughing at the same time (I thought I was going crazy, I wasn’t.)
      • Learning depends on your feelings and liking. So if you love something and have a passion for it, you become a genius and you can study it, all day.
      • Based on Psychology I have found that I am an Ambiverted person. So depending on my period, my personality shifts, when I am an Introverted person (want to be alone) I am able to focus, analyze, study, research and things like that better. When I am an extrovert I want to have friends, parties and sometimes I become and feel very lonely if I stay alone for some hours. I shift to Ambiverted personality when I spend time with my friends on the University, daily.
      • Motivation, Goals. I always ask me this question: Why do I want to study this course or lesson and what I am expecting from it. The ultimate goal is the degree yes because it will get me a better profession in the future. However it is not enough for me. So I have to tweak my goals and motivation. I learn for the sake of learning or to be able to do a new experiment, for example I studied Electricity laws in order to design a very complex circuit where I could light up many Lights from a single electrical source.
      • Mindset, optical view of things. I was a fanatic of Information Technology, I wanted programming period. I was failing to see the big picture. Robotics, Electronics also offer creativity and by finishing an engineering school I can become an inventor or providing solutions for Industries, Due to my fanaticism I failing to see the bigger picture. Mindset plays a major role.
      • Friends. Study groups are important. I was not willing to make new friends and I had no one to help me when I was struggling, so having friends is also Important.
      • For many thousands of years, humans have been hunters. Even in this modern world we still hunt in different way. Some people want to become better professionals, some others want to have a better car, some others want to get more rich, we are hunting our desires. I was so fixated and hunting on having my own salary at the age of 15. That’s why studying was not important to me.
      • Studies have found, that the main reason, that men are so interested in Sports, Video games, cars is the hormone testosterone. Maybe video gaming was bumping my testosterone levels.So in the end, do ADHD patients have difficulty in learning or the reasons I mentioned are the real culprits?

        Don’t get me wrong ADHD is not a myth is it real but I have my own suspicions about Learning difficulties.

        PS) I am also one of those who thinks that the definition of the “condition” Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity is very wrong.
        We are were just born with a different brain which is not suited for neuro typical methods.

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