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      Mazz 72

      My very skinny 9 year old son is on Vyvanse 30mg taken on weekdays, with positive results for schoolwork and focusing. However, he doesn’t eat while on medication and eats very little for breakfast & dinner. We have tried everything to keep him from losing more weight but nothing works. Trust me when I say this – NOTHING works. He’s a picky eater, won’t eat most fatty foods, we can’t hide any of them in smoothies. ie: avocado. And he won’t drink protein shakes or bars.

      Many people suggested Cyproheptadine in combination with Vyvanse to increase his appetite. We live in Canada, and it’s not common here. Is this medication only available in the states? Anyone living in Canada using Cyproheptadine in combination with ADHD medication to increase appetite? If so do you use the tablets or the syrup? Have you received prescriptions from Canadian doctors or do you order it online through the states?

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      Hello Mazz,
      I’ve got a skinny 12 year old.
      Before you add more ingredients to the mix, try adjusting your eating and meds schedule.
      Eat before taking meds. Lunch may be a complete loss. (it’s ok).
      Expect to eat/snack at odds with others and late at night (it’s ok).
      For what it’s worth, we felt the loss of confidence from being small and weak, was a greater risk than undesirable behavior.
      All the best,

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        Mazz 72

        Hi Retrodad,

        Thank you for your input. It’s helpful to speak to someone who has had similar experiences. Are you saying you gave up on the medication after all? We may end up in the same situation if we can’t find a solution. This is his second round of medication trials. He had a 10 months gap because he lost so much weight the first time (and didn’t grow!). His confidence so far is good. I worry that he’ll lack confidence by not doing well in school. But things can change quickly when watching the scale dip at every weigh-in.


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