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      Hi All,

      I am investigating possible causes of my son’s medical issues and am having to look at the what medication he is on and wonder if they are the possible cause. I have a 13 year old son who is on 40mg Strattera, 36mg Concerta, and Vayarin daily. He has been on this combo for about 1 year now and is doing well, however for about the same time frame, we are dealing with nose bleeds (multiple) daily, low iron on bloodwork, fatique, pale skin, frequent stomach aches, and headaches. We can’t seem to keep his iron level up even with iron supplements and I’m really wondering if it might be the Vayarin. I know that high doses of omga 3’s can cause bleeding issues so why wouldn’t the Vayarin? But I can’t find anything online about any reports of this. We’re seeing a GI specialist next week to talk nutrition and to delve deeper into why he’s not absorbing iron, and we have an appointment with ENT to cauterize his nose bleeds. Had every blood test done that we can think of and nothing (other than low iron) is alarming. Hemaglobin is fine, WBC count is fine, RBC count is fine. Just wondering if anyone else’s kids have experienced this and what meds combo were you using? Starting to really worry as the school is now calling me in to discuss his health because they are reporting that he just looks ill all the time. Thanks so much!

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      Yes, My child suffers from medication side-effects. He suffers from sleep disturbance, loss of appetite. I think I should go for behavior therapy instead of medication.

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      Penny Williams

      There are ways to address ADHD medication side effects. Take a look at this article:

      The 5 Most Common Med Side Effects — and Their Fixes

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