Anyone else’s child say “Um” all the time?

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      Hi there,

      My 10 year old daughter recent started Concerta for her ADD. I was wondering if anyone else’s kids always paused and/or says “um” all the time. My daughter says it 2 or 3 times in one sentence, it takes her a long time to get a thought out compared to her friends, who all speak quickly and fluently. I can tell that it sometimes annoys them and they quickly lose interest in what she is trying to say. I was hoping that after she started taking meds that they would help with this. I know she is trying to gather her thoughts while doing this so I had hoped that with better focus and concentration that she wouldn’t say this as much and be able to for a sentence with better speed/fluency. I believe they way she speaks (saying um) is also very much a habit at this point. I guess I’m just looking to see if anyone else has had this experience with their son/daughter and if so, did medication help? Do they still say it regardless? Is there a therapy to help with this? I see that there are many suggestions online to help stop saying it but I think those suggestions are geared more toward people that say it because they are nervous as opposed to having ADD.

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      I have add and for me I say um a lot because my mind moves way faster than my mouth and i end up having to try and backtrack to remember what i was trying to say. Or sometimes when i get overwhelmed and am struggling to stay present and focused. Therapy might help at least diagnose why shes having trouble and point you in the right direction

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      Penny Williams

      It also could be slow processing speed. You can have some further assessments done to determine the reason. That could lead to a helpful therapy, maybe speech therapy.

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      My son is 9 and hasn’t been officially diagnosed, but has “many of the characteristics of” ADHD. His speech patterns have always bothered me. He sometimes says “um,” but more often it’s like a really slow stutter: “Today I went, ent, …ent, went,…Today I went to my, y(I sound)… y, friend’s house.” He doesn’t seem to realize that he’s doing it and argues with me if I try to point it out. Asking him to stop and think about what he’s saying just lengthens the process. Luckily, it only happens when he’s really distracted by something, and isn’t an ‘every conversation’ type of thing.

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