Anyone Else Hate Non-ADHD Related Doctor Visits?

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    Does anyone else hate non-ADHD related doctor visits? As soon as I tell a provider that I take Adderall and Welbutrin, I’m treated as though all my symptoms are “in my head.” I often have to see several doctors before something as simple as a heart murmur or allergies are diagnosed. For fifteen years, despite numerous trips to my dermatologist, I had to appear in public with facial hives that were caused by a food allergy. I finally figured it out myself.

    If I try to get a more concrete answer – by explaining more, or asking for more tests – I am treated like an idiot. I’m told to eat better and exercise more. “Drink more water.” I’m a well-educated professional; not a child. I know how to eat properly and exercise. I’m often given this self-evident advice by an obese doctor. I have excellent insurance, so that isn’t it. Yes, I know that people with ADHD can be difficult, but we have a right to due diligence.

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    I actually find a lot of doctors like this anyway. Way before having any ADHD / ASD assessments, I found a lump and it took 2 years and it growing and becoming very painful before the collective they of my doctors did anything, it turned out to be sinister but sorted just in time.

    I have only found one doctor who really listened and acted swiftly, unfortunately you really do have to be your own advocate these days.

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    I feel like the Medical Assistant is just gleefully waiting for me to ask for a medication refill for Vyvanse so she can tell me, “WE DON’T PRESCRIBE THAT HERE”.

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